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AIRED: 06-28-2022

This week there isn’t much of a rant because the show title pretty much says it all. BENCHMARKS. Since the last show gas prices in almost every industrial country were broken and then broken again.
I am in one of the top 10 states in the US when it comes to inflation. At the station right down the road from here I paid 6.29 yesterday for premium. Why did I buy premium you ask?
Because higher octane gasolines last longer during crunch time. Yes oil from the ground can be kept forever but once refined into gasoline it expires the same way milk does only it takes months, not weeks. Most people never see it but if you ask any mechanic they will tell you that indeed the octane of gas gets weaker until your engine can’t run it. Just ask them about old gas.
You might also ask why are gas prices climbing every single day without fail? Despite what you may hear in the media it has almost nothing to do with Russia and yet everything. Let me explain.
If you believe in the great reset (and I do) then you must know eventually all the countries in the world have to get involved in some sort of big war and that includes the United States.
The authority has learned over the years that getting America to raise their swords is never easy, mostly because we have two giant oceans surrounding us. They need special motivation. Raising prices on everything from gasoline to toilet paper and then blaming it on Russia is a good start because you are reminded of it every day.
And it’s working. There are video clips out there of people being interviewed at the pumps saying that I wish Putin would stop with the damn war. Real or staged it doesn’t matter because power perceived is power achieved. Russia has always been the perfect villain for the Western networks.
Will people start joining the military because they are forking over $100 to fill up a tank? Probably not, but they will support military action if pressed. It worked with Japan in 1941 and it can work here.
That being said, a few things I would recommend before I get off my soap box. First, don’t let your gas tank get below half. And really if you are going by a gas station and think you could squeeze in 5 or more gallons I would just do it because it will be cheaper today than it is tomorrow, or the day after that.
And while you are at it, start using premium, just in case you cut way back on your driving and need the car to sit for a while.
And also while we are at it, whenever you are at a grocery store buying a regular item you will always need more of you might consider getting three of that item because again, cheaper today.


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