Truth Frequency Radio

Jul 06, 2014

The BBC, which has been hit with a massive child abuse storm, is facing pressure to remove a statue at its London headquarters that was sculpted by a pedophile.

Amid investigations of the state broadcaster’s cover-up of decades of child abuse by a pedophile ring led by its former star Jimmy Savile, the public and MPs are calling on the corporation to remove the statue of Prospero and Arial, who are characters from a renowned Shakespearean play, because the artwork was done by the pedophile Eric Gill.

Diaries of Gill, who died in 1940, revealed in 1989 that he was an incestuous pedophile.

The BBC confirmed on Saturday that it has received complaints to remove the statue, but did not reveal the number of complaints.

The issue came into the spotlight last week when MP John Hemming raised the statue during a Commons debate on child protection.