Jan 31, 2014

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to the BBC, a Ukrainian protester who says he was kidnapped and tortured by death squads is being protected from police questioning by the western-backed/controlled “opposition groups”. The man, Dmytro Bulatov, went missing for over a week and is being treated in a Ukrainian hospital after he was “crucified” by his captors.

Even though he’s officially on a list of “wanted” by officials, the police said they will not arrest him, but had gone to the hospital to “question him” about his recent abduction.

The protests in the Ukraine, which we have talked about extensively with Christopher Everard in the past weeks, just turned violent a few weeks ago. According to eyewitnesses who contacted Everard on Twitter, it was “armed thugs” (hired mercenaries) – and not police –  who arrived in black helicopters and started killing protesters en masse. This is even more believable when considering the new information supplied by the BBC: The thugs have Russian accents, which coincides with the Twitter witnesses’ accounts of “Russian mercenaries”. However, are they really funded by Russia, or did someone else hire them to make it look like they were backed by Russia?

This happened in the days following a new law that was passed in the Ukraine that severely restricts protester’s rights.

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationUkraine’s president, Viktor Yanukoyych, has since repealed the law, signed an amnesty agreement with his protesters, and accepted his cabinet’s resignation. However, how much of this information is real and how much is contrived lies somewhere between the lines, with the issue of these hired mercenaries never quite making it to the mainstream news.

It is important to remember the Israeli-hired “private mercenaries” “provided” to Gaddhafi during the fake Libyan revolution, which was used as an excuse for western intervention in Libya. Case in point: the protests in the Ukraine began when the president pulled out of a deal with the EU in favor of a Russian bailout. Why would the people of the Ukraine beg for enslavement to a political system that has hurt them so much in the past, and who has decimated other Eastern European nations, including Greece?

Mr. Bulatov’s story does nothing to assuage fears that a Libya situation could be occurring in the Ukraine. He was found close to death on the side of the road outside the capital yesterday, being left to die by his kidnappers.

“They crucified me, so there are holes in my hands now,” he said.

“They cut off my ear, cut up my face. My whole body is a mess. You can see everything. I am alive. Thank God for this.”

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationHe said he didn’t know who had kidnapped him, but that they had “Russian accents”. He is apparently a prominent anti-government activist and one of the leaders of AutoMaidan, an organization that has patrolled streets around Independence Square.

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThe U.S. Embassy has released a statement regarding what happened to Dmytro Bulatov:

“We are extremely relieved that AutoMaidan activist Dmytro Bulatov was found alive, but shocked and outraged at the torture inflicted upon him by his abductors. In order to ensure that it is taken seriously in its efforts to eliminate violence, the Government of Ukraine must take full responsibility for the timely investigation, capture, and prosecution of those responsible for this heinous crime,” reads the statement.

It continues: “We remain deeply concerned by reports of the other 27 missing protesters and continue to urge the Government of Ukraine to find those who are missing and bring the perpetrators of all those who have disappeared to justice. In this way, Ukraine can send a clear message that violence against critics of the government and those who are working towards a modern, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine will not be tolerated. Ambassador Pyatt welcomes the assurances Minister of Justice Lukash and other members of the government made to the diplomatic community on this issue and anticipates that concrete actions will be taken by the government on resolving these cases.” — Christopher J. Miller

Amnesty International has decried his ordeal as a “barbaric act which must be investigated immediately” ; However, who shall investigate this, and will their investigation consider the possibility of western infiltration and subversion, or will it be as it was in Libya, when everything was blamed on Gaddafi (or in Syria, where everything the rebels do is blamed on the Syrian government)?

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAt first glance, it seems like a local mayor has “taken responsibility” for what happened to Dmytro Bulatov, but is that really the case? We would really like to be able to find someone who can translate this page in it’s entirety, since the Google Translation seems to contradict the opposition’s accounts entirely:

January 22 , the day of the disappearance of Dmitry Bulatov , online stronghold there were reports that during the confrontation with activists Evromaydana ” titushki ” stronghold of one of the activists cut off part of the ear . The text prosyaknut pathos and pride for this act , and also emphasized the sadistic motives when warn that ” one ” activist ” with his own knife cut off the ear .”

…As a result, one of the ” activist ” with his own knife cut off the ear of another – ” oplotovtsy ” detained and handed over to law enforcement authorities.

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationEven the secretary of NATO has become outspoken concerning the situation in the Ukraine:

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen took to social media on Jan. 31 to express his concern over Ukraine’s attempts to include its armed forces in resolving its domestic crisis.

“Encouraged by repeal of Ukraine anti-protest legislation, but very concerned by attempts to involve the military in the crisis,” Rasmussen wrote on Twitter.

“Ukraine’s military is highly-respected and must remain neutral. I continue to follow developments with concern,” the NATO chief said.

Rasmussen was apparently responding to a statement from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry calling on Yanukovych, “the supreme commander-in-chief” to “take urgent measures to stabilize the situation in the country and achieve accord in society within the current legislation.”

The ministry also said that the seizure of state buildings and obstruction of work by state officials and local self-government officials are unacceptable, adding that further escalation of the conflict poses a threat to the territorial integrity of the country. — Christopher J. Miller, Interfax Ukraine

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThis came after the Ukrainian president released a statement promising amnesty to the protesters if they would vacate the vicinity. If NATO and the West were really that concerned about the welfare of the opposition protesters, they would have encouraged them to take the deal and work out the issues in the courts and through the legislative process.

The Ukrainian president released a statement (which, by the way, is eerily similar to the statements Moammar Gaddhafi made shortly before his brutal, public murder):

“Dear compatriots!

I address you with a feeling of great anxiety and concern for the lives and health of many people involved in the conflict by irresponsible politicians. Unfortunately, this confrontation has not gone without casualties. This night Ukraine has suffered another loss – captain of the Internal Troops Dmytro Vasyliovych Dunets died in the course of the service on maintaining public order in Kyiv.

These days, Ukraine bade farewell to the young people died in this confrontation. We also know that people have suffered from defatigation, cold and clashes. Every such accident leaves a deep and painful sore in our hearts. Each of us asks: for what do people suffer? Why do politicians not call for peace and mutual understanding but kindle the emotions with their reckless and irresponsible statements thinking rather about their ratings than about the life and health of people?


Deputy of the opposition party Batkivshchyna, Lesya Orobyets wears a bulletproof vest during an extraordinary session of the Ukrainian parliament on January 28, 2014 in Kiev. The hold a minute of silence to commemorate people who died during clashes between anti-government protestors and the police. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his entire goverment resigned on Tuesday in a bid to defuse Ukraine’s deadly crisis, giving in to months of pressure as parliament scrapped anti-protest laws that had infuriated the opposition.

In the process of negotiations on peaceful settlement of the confrontation, we have reached concrete agreements with the opposition. The government has fulfilled all its obligations under these agreements including the adoption of the Law on Amnesty that guarantees freedom and liberation of persons arrested during the conflict.

However, the opposition continues to escalate the situation and urges people to stand on a frost for the sake of political ambitions of several leaders. I think that it is wrong. We must understand that there is no future for the state and people if political interests of certain groups are set higher than the existence of Ukraine itself.

I once again address people, ordinary citizens, my compatriots: let’s do everything for peace and normal life in the country. For my part, I will consider the needs and aspirations of people with the greatest understanding and commitment taking into account the mistakes that any government can make for only the one who does nothing makes no mistakes.

I believe that together we will manage to bring the life of Ukraine and all its citizens back to the peaceful track”

The statement is found on the president’s official website here.— Brian Bonner

According to journalists on the ground in Kiev, the protesters are NOT pro-EU. In fact, the ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationsupposed “opposition” is not even the same people that originally began the protests!

Protests in Ukraine are not pro-E.U. (as it is written in most of international news agencies). The disruption of the association agreement with the European Union in November was only cause for local rallies. But after a peaceful student protest was violently dispersed by the ‘Berkut’ [special police] in Kyiv on Nov. 30, a million angry people took to the central square of the capital. Since then rebellion has not gone away; instead it turned into an anti-government uprising demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, and also the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych. Most people are tired of total corruption in all spheres of life and the lack of justice and security officials’ self-will. The middle class has become an engine of the protest since it suffered harassment from the tax agencies. Now the protest has joined with the radicals, who actually began violent confrontation on Sunday, tired of waiting for action from the liberal opposition. However, they have support among the majority of protesters. …

The Focus of the Protests is the Democratically Elected President Viktor Yanukovych

During the presidential elections in 2010, according to the testimony of international observers, Viktor Yanukovych legitimately beat his main opponent — the world-famous woman and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Then, during his rule, authorities condemned her for a disadvantageous gas contract with Russia and sentenced her to seven years in prison! Afterwards Yanukovych and his crew did not dare to go against the Russians and review the contract or resolve the issue in court. This event has spoiled relations of Ukraine’s President with Western leaders. President Obama is ignoring Yanukovych; and Vladimir Putin — with whom Tymoshenko signed gas contracts in 2009 — declared his readiness to accept the treatment of Tymoshenko in Russia for her back ailment.

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThe leader of the opposition, Arseniv Yatsenyuk (remember, this man is in favor of the EU deal and doesn’t want the Ukraine to engage in a bailout plan with Russia) is now saying that protesters are facing “murders, abuse, torture [and] kidnappings”.

“Recent events with Dmytro Bulatov are evidence of the fact that there are now death squads in Ukraine, like in Latin America,” he said.

Is it possible that these “death squads” are actually like the U.S.-sponsored death squads in Latin America in the 1980’s?

“Under the rule of General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, Honduras’s military government was both a close ally of the Reagan administration and was “disappearing” dozens of political opponents in classic death squad fashion.”

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationFor those thinking that this sort of heinous, state-sponsored terrorism couldn’t happen in the 21st century, consider what the Pentagon considered in 2005 concerning Iraq:

” forming hit squads of Kurdish and Shia fighters to target leaders of the Iraqi insurgency [Resistance] in a strategic shift borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago”.

Under the so-called “El Salvador option”, Iraqi and American forces would be sent to kill or kidnap insurgency leaders, even in Syria, where some are thought to shelter. …

Hit squads would be controversial and would probably be kept secret.


The experience of the so-called “death squads” in Central America remains raw for many even now and helped to sully the image of the United States in the region.

Then, the Reagan Administration funded and trained teams of nationalist forces to neutralise Salvadorean rebel leaders and sympathisers. …

John Negroponte, the US Ambassador in Baghdad, had a front-row seat at the time as Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-85.

Death squads were a brutal feature of Latin American politics of the time. …

In the early 1980s President Reagan’s Administration funded and helped to train Nicaraguan contras based in Honduras with the aim of ousting Nicaragua’s Sandinista regime. The Contras were equipped using money from illegal American arms sales to Iran, a scandal that could have toppled Mr Reagan.

The thrust of the Pentagon proposal in Iraq, … is to follow that model …

It is unclear whether the main aim of the missions would be to assassinate the rebels or kidnap them and take them away for interrogation. Any mission in Syria would probably be undertaken by US Special Forces.

Nor is it clear who would take responsibility for such a programme — the Pentagon or the Central Intelligence Agency. Such covert operations have traditionally been run by the CIA at arm’s length from the administration in power, giving US officials the ability to deny knowledge of it.  (El Salvador-style ‘death squads’ to be deployed by US against Iraq militants – Times Online, January 10, 2005, emphasis added)

ukraine-false-flag-controlled-opposition-mercenaries-torture-activists-protesters-death-squads-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationConsidering the evidence, it looks like the Ukraine has been heavily infiltrated, first by fake “opposition protesters” who proudly carry the banner of EU globalism, followed by western-backed armed mercenaries that will be blamed on Russia.

A video account of the same “government-hired thugs” has been translated thus:

Translator’s note: The event is taking place during AM activists patrolling the Kyiv streets against ‘titushkas’, government-hired thugs unleashed to do beatings of people and cars in Kyiv streets.

AM Activist 1 (in car): … We are not likely to stop them now. We’re passing by Mariinsky Park (police-controlled territory near the government quarter in Kyiv – translator). Numbers of them may pop out to beat us.



AM Activist 2 (on radio): Guys, the drivers have been packed in a yellow bus, a WV one. … it’s number plate is 0361. A beaten car is now near the Salute hotel.

AM Activist 3 (on radio): We couldn’t get on air to tell that the yellow bus is heading to the Klovsky Spusk Str. or to Instytutska Str.

(A white Berkut bus passing)
AM Activist 1 (in car, commenting): Here you go.

AM Activist 4 (in car): I understand there are 5 of our cars with us now, right?

AM Activist 3 (on radio): They are here, standing and bashing someone and beating his car. They are in Krepostnoy Lane!

AM Activist 3 (on radio): The yellow bus is in Krepostnoy Lane now!

AM Activist 4 (in car, to other cars in patrol): Guys, you just saw us turning to Antonova Str. If anything, we work all together.

AM Activist 4 (in car, to telephone): Just stop you ringing!!

AM Activist 6 (in car): … Don’t beat them! I see what the other is doing…

AM Activist 7 (on radio, all call): All call! All cars go to Krepostnoy Lane! All cars go to Krepostnoy Lane!

AM Activists: Guys, don’t beat the car! Please, don’t! Easy! Easy!

(Berkut soldier beating the car)

AM Activists: Start the engine! Go! Go!

(Other Berkut soldiers join the beating)

AM Activists: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! She’s my wife! What are you doing?!

AM Activist 1: Guys, don’t! We’re going home! We’re going home! What are you doing?!

(Sounds of intense beating)

Police Soldier 1: … Got a DVR?

(DVR showing the ground. The activist is being led by Berkut soldiers with his arms behind his back)

Police Soldier 1: … It’s over there.

Police Soldier 3: You go to the back seat.

As war criminal and top political adviser to presidents throughout the last century, Zbignew Brzezinski, wrote just last month in the Financial Times:

In the next months some sort of a deal between the EU and Ukraine can still be contrived. To facilitate it, the EU must be more receptive to Kiev’s need for economic and financial support. Ukrainians have to realise that European taxpayers are not enchanted by the prospect of paying for the misdeeds and corruption of the current Kiev elite. Belt-tightening will be the necessary precondition for an agreement as well as a test of Ukraine’s resolve in asserting its European aspirations. Kiev will also need to show that the outcome of elections is not determined by the imprisonment of political rivals.


The impact of this on Russia will be felt over the longer run. Moscow’s current geopolitical goal, shaped by President Vladimir Putin’s nostalgic obsession with the country’s imperial past, is to recreate in a new guise something akin to the old Russian empire or the more recent Soviet “union”….


Today’s Russia is in no position to assert a violent restoration of its old empire. It is too weak, too backward and too poor. Its demographic crisis makes matters worse. The fact that the newly independent Central Asian states favour increasingly comprehensive arrangements with China is another concern for Russia, reawakening long lingering territorial nightmares.

It is only a question of time before it becomes evident to Russia’s social elites that Mr Putin’s heavy-handed efforts have very limited prospects of success. Sooner or later, he will no longer be president. And not long thereafter Russia – and especially its emerging new middle class – will conclude that the only path that makes sense is to become also a truly modern, democratic, and maybe even a leading European state.

Reading between the lines, it is easy to see how the globalists are playing chess, while the mainstream media keeps the plebs gleefully playing checkers, thinking they are “winning the war for democracy” when all that is happening is a major consolidation of power into the hands of a corrupt elite.