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Jul 16, 2015 Posted on July 15, 2015


Never mind the hubris involved in the U.S. government dictating to a sovereign nation whether it can procure or create specific weapons systems for its own protection; the Iran deal is a boon to banksters and the military-industrial complex.

The deal lifts U.N. financial sanctions on the regime and opens the door for the country to begin (legally) exporting oil again. It seems to do little to curtail Iran’s enrichment of uranium, putting limitations on it rather than halting it and setting in place a phaseout of the country’s centrifuges that begins years down the road.

But here are some key provisions regarding the lifting of U.N., EU and U.S. sanctions:

  • The Iranian central bank can now establish banking relationships and branches in EU countries.
  • U.S. and eurozone banksters can begin new banking relationships with the Iranian central bank. (That means millions of potential new debt slaves.)
  • U.S. banknotes (U.S. debt) can be sold to the Iranian government.
  • The Iranian government can receive grants, financial assistance and loans from the EU central bank and EU member states.
  • Other governments can buy Iranian debt, including government bonds.
  • Iran is free to trade in gold and other precious metals.
  • Iran will have billions of dollars available to fund its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries, which will further destabilize the region and facilitate new American arms sales to various opposition regimes and perhaps draw the U.S. into more conflicts.

One has to wonder if a representative of Goldman Sachs or the Rothschilds was involved in the negotiation. He was. His name is John (Kohn) Kerry.

But Iran’s rulers need to be careful crowing too much about this deal. The U.S. rarely honors its deals when there are new regimes to conquer or countries to destabilize. Just ask Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, Hosni Mubarak and Bashar Assad — and various Indian tribes — how deals with Uncle Sam often work out… except in the case of Hussein and Gadhafi and most American Indians, they are no longer around to ask.