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AIRED: 06-29-2021

Sex! Sex!! Sex!!! Now that you are paying attention, we can speak about things seedy…and sexy…and SILVER! We find out that plants are really Frankensteins hidden in plain sight! Just add the Magic Juice! We also ponder the GEET engine, hearing Lucas explain it so that it sounds VERY doable for our listeners.

–Baldini drops by…for seconds! Ultra pantless tease!!!
–Zack WAS a Bad News Bear! Tanner!!
–Water cars!!

Chat Chit–

Kallum Wilkinson:
​i play dodgeball… if ya can dodge a wrench ya can dodge a baller…

The Horry Sheet Show:
​I think – We have X amount of time to bring heaven on earth. A portion of that time goes towards waking up to that main goal in the first place.. The rest goes towards keeping yourself aligned 2lite

Enlightened Dawn:
​Probably Liz! Everything they tell us is opposite! So telling us staring at the sun is bad, it’s probably good!!! 🌞

​My 5 yr old is my biggest troll, I’m bringing him to flat smack him. He gives me hell over flat earth and I’m bringing him so he can see his dads not crazy lol

Threads In Time:
​I cracked the elements code


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