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AIRED: 08-15-2019


Kira Raa, and Co-Host Corey DeFazio ignite a TRANSFORMATIONAL conversation about

Here is what the Divine Directors have shared
“Together and individ-you-all-y the journey of expansive illusion has arrived at a moment of CULMINATION. As the week before you unfolds, Mercury will release all shadow energy andthe experience of Shravan will also peak. (direct reference to August 15.) This is a blessing that also calls forward turnaround energy. This gift offers ALL that has been reflecting without a clear illuminated gaze to now be seen
That which is seeking to stop or significantly slow “miracle propulsion” emitted from the Lion’s gate, will also be revealed.”

We are each the Mirror & the embodiment of Namaste. A Soul Mirror gazes into your eyes and sees the divine.

ABOUT This week’s Co-Host Corey DeFazio:
Corey is a Master of Shattering the Illusion and is Certified and practices as a:
Self-Ascension Intuitive Councilor,
Ascended Numerologist,
Avesa Medical Intuitive,
Cosmic life Regressionist,
Quantum Clairvoyant,
Crystal and sound healer and
Bio-Intensive Mini Farmer.

He is also trained and actively creating off grid energy systems for sustainable lifestyles. His wife Annaliese opened his view of simple living and sustainability. She grew up vegetarian on a Bio-Intensive Mini farm research site. Corey learned the art of Bio-Intensive mini farming from her Dad, John Jeavons, (Author & world-wide teacher of millions).

Connecting and being gentle on the planet creates a lifestyle focused upon light frequency. During Corey’s time in Northern California, known as Emerald Triangle, he and many others were growing food and plant medicines that encouraged the awakening process.

It was here that he learned many people had moved to this area in the 60’s to get back to the land and off the grid. Giving birth to the alternative energy movement and plant medicine revolution.

During this 2005-2006 time period Corey first met Self-Ascension teachers Sri & Kira. He traveled to New Mexico up to 5 times per year to train with this Sacred Couple.
Learning Healing modalities & Sacred tools along with energy downloads sped up his Awakening process. Corey continued his education with Sri & Kira in Guatemala. Receiving attunements and ceremonies with the Mayan elders and directly connecting with the ascended realms.

Called to assist in world service ceremony during crucial energy shifts on the planet Corey has traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and India visiting sacred sites and temples with Sri & Kira that brought back visions and lifetimes of experience.

Today Corey shares his Journey and his mastery with the world!

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