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AIRED: 11-06-2020

Love is telling someone the truth.
Today The Great Baldini pops on to bring us all up to speed on the state of affairs concerning Mak Parhar. Baldini has set up a fund to help Mak in his time of beer bug bugaboo, see the links.
“One of our leading Canadian Protagonists, Mak Parhar, aka “Flat Earth Fokker,” has been illegally and wrongly incarcerated for defying the Quarantine Restrictions upon his return to British Columbia from Flatoberfest in South Carolina. He has been summarily charged with three counts of violating a self-quarantine order, and numerous hit pieces have appeared in the mainstream press, most notably CBC.
He is currently being held at
North Fraser Pre-Trial
1451 Kingsway Ave
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 152
All funds donated will be forwarded to Mak for his bail bond/release, legal defense, or whatever seems best thereafter upon his release. We have set a minimum of $5000 USD to cover the bail bond – but are leaving it open-ended as it is a rapidly-developing and complex legal situation. To our knowledge, this is the first, therefore a test case to challenge the legality and constitutionality of the Quarantine Act – so whether you personally agree with Mak’s beliefs and positions – ANYONE who supports the premise of Free Speech and the resistance of unrestrained government tyranny through coercion should generously support this cause in any way possible. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, as are your thoughts, prayers, and concerns for Mak and his family, which includes the thousands of like-minded members of the Truthling Tribe.”
People can also donate to Mak and #FreeSueToo for Sue Fanelli at PayPal.Me/GreatBaldini or Venmo @The-Great-Baldini using hashtags #BackMak or #FreeFrocker or #FreeSueToo.

COVID conspiracy theorist, Delta yoga studio owner charged with breaking Quarantine Act

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antecedent algonquin collective- “​culling…
​Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn”

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

website: gogetfunding.com/mak-parhar-flat-earth-foker-le

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