Truth Frequency Radio
Apr 27, 2014


According to the police, the 1 year old baby was taken by her sister who is 7 year old. Yet the baby ran out of the yard and got into the four lane street.

About 5:45 pm Friday when the driver rescued the baby. Police were called in Brigham City, 60 miles north of Salt Lake City after the baby was returned to his mother.

As per Lt. Dennis Vincent: “As the driver get near, she saw that there was a baby in the number one lane crawling across the road. She then picked the baby and locates the residence.”

The mother of the baby told the officers that she put the infant in the crib to sleep as she will also rest. However, her 7-year old daughter took the baby to the backyard yet went out.

The case was turned over to the Division of Child and Family Services. The police said that the charges are unlikely.