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AIRED: 11-11-2017

Tonight’s show was like a DNA activation for the masses. In the first segment, Ra does his weekly heaven and hell review . In this weeks H and H review Ra, discusses his prophetic vision about Black/Grey programmable matter , this primordial black goo or ooze…This unnatural darkness that can self replicate, invade and entwine with advanced technology as well as with genetic material. He talks of his vision of the Bulls head with one red eye, the black stone coming from Aldebaran and how it combined with DNA to form this Black goo. Ra starts to talk of certain places in history where he feels this Black goo virus is mentioned and discussed. One example being what European shaman and dowsers call black radiations or black streams of negative energy that can take over lei lines and cause an imbalance in the Earth and all its inhabitants. He points to the worship of Baal and Yahweh and the battle over ownership of this plane or realm. Ra than makes references to this unnatural curse that is talked about in the Lost Book of King OG. Time started to run out so Ra will talk more of this topic later on and how the Cult of Mithras is related as well. In the next segment Ra brings his guests for this evening on. Tonight’s guest if TFR family members Frank Castle and Paula Milo from tfr live’s show Fearless! This next hour and a half you will witness members of a long lost soul family finding each other once again and the spiritual battles they fought along the way. Frank tells of the many demons hes battled in his life and the many mystical experiences hes had. Paula tells how her and Frank first met and her very intense experience doing Ayahuasca. So many topics are discussed including how Frank may even have a fragment of Jeremiah the fearless inside of his genetic memory. Frank tells of a recent encounter he had with this elongated skull entity and what this being did to him, and Ra made a comparison to one of the Goetia demons called Vassago and how this may be what Frank encountered. Do not miss this intriguing action packed show. This is two hours of alternative radio you don’t wanna miss …We’ll see you next time inside the Eye of Ra…..Spiral out!!!!!


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