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AIRED: 02-26-2022

We decided to have a series of guests that have gotten out of the typical drudgery of 9-5 jobs, so to speak, and showcase people who have taken the chance to actually live their passions to earn money. How did they do it? Sometimes all that is needed is a little support from soul family to start living our lives to the fullest and Larry is a beautiful example of just that!

Larry recounts how he lost both of his parents at an early, formative age and how that affected him. His story is one of drive and passion that has enabled him to live as the best version of himself. Larry is the owner of I Speak California, a public speaking and debate company. He is an award winning speaker/teacher who has hosted and judged numerous public speaking and debate tournaments. His students range in age from 4 on up and many of those have gone on to become award winning public speakers and debaters.

We also got a chance to acknowledge and speak with his beautiful partner Rosa! She and Larry are the epitome of a power couple and as they both say, the KNOW that they have each others backs in every way, which is a beautiful thing to have!

If you would like to find out about how Larry can help you in the area of public speaking, debating, prepping for job interviews or anything else in this area, go to his website below and check it out! In our opinion, you couldn’t find a better instructor!

Until next Saturday, we hope your week is filled with love and passion for life and remember that WE LOVE YOU!! 🙂


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