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AIRED: 03-01-2019

Ken Silverstein is an award-winning journalist and columnist whose work has been published in magazines, newspapers and online. He is an oft-cited expert when it comes to today’s prominent energy issues: global warming, nuclear power and the emergence of renewable energy and clean technologies
Some of his awards include:
Media Industry News as one of the “Most Intriguing People in Media.”
the Gold for Original Web Commentary by the American Society of Business Press Editors
& and many more!
Silverstein’s column “Will the Nuclear Sector Rise Again?” for EnergyBiz Insider won the Best Online Column in 2011,] In 2011 he was named a top economic and financial journalist by the nonprofit Wall Street Economists Institute project.[15][16]
Silverstein’s article “Venezuela’s Power Grab” for EnergyBiz Insider was awarded the bronze for Original Web Commentary at the 2008 American Society of Business Publication Editors National Digital Awards.[17]
Southern California Edison[edit]
In 2012 and 2013, Silverstein wrote a series of stories about Southern California Edison’s nuclear operations in Southern California. Sources inside the company had told him confidentially that the utility had known of defects with its new steam generators several years before those same issues had caused small radiation leaks in 2012. The company had accused him of journalism malfeasance. But letters surfaced that backed up those claims and the nuclear units were officially retired in June 2013.
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