AIRED: 01-22-2019

In the first hour, Marty Leeds – author, lecturer, musician, and researcher extraordinaire – joins Paul to talk about how his extensive mathematical, symbolic and linguistic work is rooted in his own personal journey to God and his main focus, Gnostic Christianity, the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and sheer mysticism that is encoded within the Holy Bible.

In hour number two, we switch gears and hear from Joe Garcia, founder and organizer of the 2019 Question Everything Conference happening next month in Southern California (link to conference details below). The burning questions all truth seekers have on their minds will be addressed by a great lineup of speakers hand-picked by Joe himself, including POTP.
Both interviews with these gentlemen were outstanding, and I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did conducting them.


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Knoxy’s back for the full 2 hours as he and Paul chat all things Flat Earth and take calls – predictions on Logan Paul’s documentary being released tomorrow, lots on the moon, talking with family and friends about the globe deception, and Knoxy’s new apparatus (a 3D compass that is designed to determine the shape...

AIRED: 03-19-2019

Members of the research group the Flat Reality Earth Explorers (F.R.E.E.) join Paul to discuss the tests and observations they’ll be conducting this Saturday March 16th at the Salton Sea in Southern California. Science deniers beware – the tools and methods the team are planning are expected to further debunk the idea we live on...

AIRED: 03-12-2019

D Marble announces his massive involvement in the Globe Lie Euro Tour, which plans to flat smack 39 European countries and cover more than 14,000 miles from late August to mid-November 2019. ...

AIRED: 02-19-2019

Dr. Rodrigo, PhD scientist, joins Knoxy and Paul to discuss how flat earth is going mainstream and all the media coverage that has ensued. The discussion also goes to how PhD’s are signing a dissent statement against Darwin and his theory of evolution to explain the origin of life. ...

AIRED: 02-12-2019

Antony Riley (aka Sleeping Warrior) joins Paul to discuss his 2019 initiative to force the establishment’s hand in a court of law to present the heliocentric model with a disclaimer to students the science is anything but settled. In the second hour, Dr. Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D. anthropologist, jumps in to recap the Flat Earth Meetup...

AIRED: 01-29-2019

Pastor Nate Wolfe joins Paul and Ph.D. Anthropologist Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes and tells his story of being fired because of his mere appearance of being associated with the flat earth movement. His tale is astonishing and inspirational. Check it out today! Pastor Nate’s YouTube channel link is below. ...

AIRED: 01-15-2019