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AIRED: 09-08-2018

tonights show was soooo intense , Ra discussed the highly evolved beings we call Trees !!! The magick abilities of certain trees and how trees have the most similar auric fields as Humans….more than any animal or anything in our world!!!!! Also discussed are the certain codes and formulas that can get activated within our consciousnesses, psyche, and 3rd dimension that are activated from certain energies and emotions that we pump out of us. We can open up other dinensions of this reality, and other races that exist in these alternate dimesnions, races that are much more ancient than we are and much more common to this universe. we are the new ones here!!! One of these races in the Slavic sphere is called the Vodyanoi!!! These malevolent entities get activated usually in water and tend to drown humans and use there victims souls as a slave. find more about the Vodyanoi and how and why these entities appear. In the last segment Ra talks of his recent psychic and spiritual dream visions he had using his new really powerful orgone generator . Dont miss this !!!!Spiral out!!!


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AIRED: 11-19-2022