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AIRED: 07-27-2019

Mercury Goes Stationary as the “Vortal” opens! The final week of July will call forward the “promise made” at the beginning of the month.
YOU WILL KNOW WHERE YOU STAND! Sri & Kira share the energy experiences that are unfolding
as the #LineageHolder expansion gets closer to culmination THIS TUESDAY, July 30!
The week ahead will be FILLED with the energy of Mercury becoming stationary once more…the cement can no longer be stirred!
What is done is done! So it is!
The little child of density will discover that when you throw too many tantrums people stop looking, and from the Ascended Realms,
the Kali Yuga energy is growing with every breath as part of the universal cycle that sustains this co-creative experience in form.
HOW you dance with Kali will assist you to navigate that S.T.O.R.M. from truth from untruth…the ultimate lie detector has, and WILL ALL-WAYS BE WITHIN YOU!


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