Truth Frequency Radio

Mar 08, 2013

Hey guys and gals!

Just wanted to write a quick note and first say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported us to this point. It’s been a really rough journey but we just keep moving forward thanks to you. I just wanted to write and give everyone a quick update on what’s going on around here.

First, we have some GREAT shows on the network now including Shadowland Voyagers, Beyond 2012, Live Free FM, The 100th Monkey Radio, 32 Degrees of Insanity, Sound Doctrine Ministries and many more! We’re pleased to welcome The Worsley Show with host Jason Worsley starting Saturday March 23!

For the Truth Frequency listeners, we have changed our show to a video stream and we hope that some of the other hosts will follow suit. I really didn’t know what I was biting off before I chewed, but we’re in it head-deep now so we might as well go for a swim! The struggle (as I’m sure you’ve been able to tell) lies with getting the cameras right, bit rates correct, encoding just right, lighting tricks, etc. etc. Anyone into video knows what I’m talking about, probably better than I since I’m an audio guy.

Our Youtube account was hacked a couple of days ago, and our top videos were removed. They all say “removed by user” but this was either done by Youtube or by a hacker. So far, Youtube hasn’t replied (surprise surprise) and I don’t expect them to. You guys have been AWESOME! As soon as we’d upload the videocast to Youtube we’d get a good 30,000-45,000 hits per video in the first couple of days! What’s most interesting is I could NEVER find our videos on Youtube and literally 99% came from our website. We’ve always felt like Youtube was suppressing our keywords and now I’m 100% sure of it. But still, they can’t stop us! They can control their content and Google can control the search engine results, but nothing can stop each and every one of you who push to get this information out!

Here is the downside of not uploading to youtube anymore: Now I have to be really cautious and diligent about the file sizes vs. quality of the videos (instead of being able to upload insanely large files for each upload). So please bare with us while we do this, especially to the members who are used to getting our shows immediately. It takes me about 4 hours to render the free file and another 3 and a half hours to render the members’ file after every show. Then it takes about another two hours to upload both files. In the coming weeks we will get another computer that is dedicated solely to video processing so my computer isn’t tied up during this process and I can work on other things. That’s not to mention we’re still trying to play catch-up regarding the shows that were pulled from Youtube. However, once I get my routine/groove down, then the experimentation ceases and things start becoming automated. So I am working on some kind of automated way to take the commercials out of the video and upload without going through the super-long process. Until then, I’ll do whatever I need to make this work. So thank you for your patience!

As many of you know, we recently joined the Genesis Communications Network and we’re in talks with Sirus XM, Premier and other national networks. I know the breaks are extremely excessive and I apologize for that.  It’s a give and take: Genesis gives us a huge reach and we take a break every 30 seconds, lol. But seriously, we can’t request any of the breaks to be removed because we’re dealing with affiliates who all run the same clock. It’s not just GCN’s clock, it’s EVERYONE’s clock and the more that we can conform with the national standard, the more reach we can get.

As many of you can tell, we’ve grounded our message a bit (at least for now). This wasn’t by the request of anyone and the guys at GCN have been completely supportive of what we do. In fact, the network manager just reaffirmed the other day that he loves what we do and he brought us on because of our content, professionalism and well-produced show. However, I made the personal choice to ground it a bit and there is a rhyme to my reason: We’re reaching a much bigger and spread-out audience, and I want to appeal to them too before we break the news to them that each one of them are in control of their own realities and blaming it on outside forces isn’t going to change anything.  So we’re easing them up to it but I assure you, we haven’t lost any part of us and we’re still Truth Frequency. Plus, quite frankly, after the whole ELENIN/Nibiru thing, Dec 21, 2012 being a non-event, and the only thing that’s “real” now is the police state… well, some attention needs to be paid to the real threats: Coming civil war, preparedness and possible WW3. But we hope we are doing a good job of spreading the message without the hate, hype or fear. After all, that’s what it’s about! Losing the hate, hype and fear.

So, we thank you for your love and support! Really, we couldn’t do this without you. A lot of people say that to their audience, but we really mean it. The donations and member’s subscriptions are not going into our pocket, it’s going into growing the show and network, (as you can tell). This doesn’t belong to Chris & Sheree Geo, this belongs to EVERY ONE OF YOU! We will NEVER forget that and this is what keeps us motivated and dedicated.

All of our love to each and every one of you,

Chris & Sheree Geo