AIRED: 01-10-2021

In the eyes of 75 MILLION Americans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have ZERO Legitimacy to enter the White House on January 20. Americans are ALREADY scrutinizing Democrat connections to ELECTION FRAUD, including China’s interference in the 2020 elections, Biden’s pay to play corruption; and Democrat ties to ANTIFA & BLM’s rioting at the Capitol,, as a calculated means of attacking Republicans. ANTIFA message boards are loaded with instructions for how to pose as Trump supporters to incite rioting and confuse police. Accusations of violence are confounded by videos of Trump voters snapping selfies with Capitol Hill Police. A few people got rough out of 1 MILLION in attendance.
THIS fully justifies removing BOTH Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from the White House by the 25th Amendment of the Constitution or Impeachment before or after January 20. What Democrats have done to achieve power is UNFORGIVABLE— All of it NULLIFIES the Biden/Harris “presidency–” We absolutely include Kamala Harris in our demand for impeachment.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must BOTH be removed. Our fight has already started.

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