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AIRED: 10-23-2021

After a few rather strange occurrences earlier this week having to do with clair senses, we kind of took that as a sign to talk about it on our show today. We also thought that we could really add a fun and unique perspective by having our dear friend Asena Moon on with us to chat about it!

We have all had an experience of at least one of the numerous “clair senses” happen to us at one point or another but are these occurrences on the rise in the collective? Can we actually enhance these senses, develop them? What do they mean when they occur and how do we interpret what we experience?

We had a fun chat with Asena about these phenomena recounting our experiences with them and our chat room had plenty to contribute to the conversation as well so make sure to check this show out! If you’re going through bizarre sensory things with no apparent reason for them, the info put out in this show just might help you realize that these things do happen and that you’re not crazy!

We thank you once again for allowing us to spend time with you and remember, until next Saturday, we trust you’ll have a great week and WE LOVE YOU! 🙂


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