AIRED: 07-20-2019

The week ahead will MANIFEST a greater moment of Clarity as the #LineageHolder energy is building!

What are you ready to manifest through your ability to FULLY ACCEPT your Mastery Presence??

There are SO MANY ASPECTS unfolding throughout the next eight days and they each build upon the other!
Sri & Kira Share extraordinary insights about the journey as the first full week of ACTIVE #LineageHolder energy peaks!
Tune in as they share HOW YOU CAN DISCERN your #LineageHolder presence from the density chatter and why CLAIMING YOUR FREEDOM THROUGH the energy of “HUMMINGBIRD” will soar you into the heavens and ignite greater Multi-dimensional communication!

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AIRED: 08-17-2019

(Through the Extraordinary energy released 8-8, the essence of the Miracle Lion’s gate propulsion has come forward! This is a Proactive empowered energy of upliftment for those who chose, or of the empowered ego of absorption for those who are claiming greater density! Sri & Kira share expansive information about the rest of August PLUS...

AIRED: 08-10-2019

Fear affects everything! And, a large part of fear is carried unconsciously – this affects every-one and everything. The month ahead welcomes the Ascended Mother energy, best depicted by KALI MA, who brings clarity and compassion to an empowered ascended expression. Are you ready to claim your empowered Self? Even when the child-like egoic self...

AIRED: 08-03-2019

Mercury Goes Stationary as the “Vortal” opens! The final week of July will call forward the “promise made” at the beginning of the month. YOU WILL KNOW WHERE YOU STAND! Sri & Kira share the energy experiences that are unfolding as the #LineageHolder expansion gets closer to culmination THIS TUESDAY, July 30! The week ahead...

AIRED: 07-27-2019

The week ahead will call forward the Courage of the unified stream of the #LineageHolder. This energy is REVEALING itself to clearly show the choices ahead which leads EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING to the next level! There comes a moment where we MUST TRUST…the circumstances or experiences around us will in all-was CONSPIRE to bring us...

AIRED: 07-13-2019

July Energy Update! As the fourth dimension begins to “seal” the third dimensional energy into a cocoon like experience, the blending of these two energies is expanding…rapidly! The collapse of the fourth dimension has now become tied to the third dimensional experience and that energy has expanded out to the about mid-point of the fourth...

AIRED: 07-06-2019