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AIRED: 05-29-2021

Artur Tadevosyan joined us today with a surprise guest, his lovely wife Grace!

We thought it would be a good idea to catch up with him to find out how things have been going for he and his family since the lockdowns and did he and his wife have a story to tell! They both ended up with Covid-19 but with a variant that was specific to South Africa. Grace had mild symptoms and recovered fairly quickly but Artur almost transitioned with his case! You have to listen to this story! It was chilling!

We also recapped his channeled book, Croton, and discussed his upcoming books that are in the works and channeled as well. We are already chomping at the bit for them to come out if “Croton” was any indicator at all of how good they’re going to be. Here’s a hint-Jesus came through on these so yes, we will definitely be getting these books as well! If you would like to check out Croton, you can get it wherever you buy books and we strongly recommend this book as it gives you a channeled look into what happens when we die. We couldn’t put it down!

We also had a nice chat about his furniture making business, Argo Design, that he and his family started in South Africa in 1996. Somehow, this little fact escaped us the first time we had Artur on but we found out about it in time for this interview and WOW!!! The furniture and sculptures Argo Design makes are nothing short of breath taking! Artur describes how it came to be and is a fantastic story of turning what you love into a means to support your family and do it very well! The website is listed below.

This was a fun interview with two beautiful souls full of laughs and great life messages that truly inspire us and we hope it will do the same for you!

So, until next Saturday, have a great week and we LOVE you! 🙂



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