Oct 22, 2013

ABC_ariel_castro_dm_130726_16x9_992Either it’s a really, really small world after all, or Detroit’s Seymour Avenue is being run by human trafficking rings. Just a few months ago, Ariel Castro – the man who was convicted of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and rape of 3 women – allegedly “hung himself” in his prison cell.

When the public perception of this explanation as “true” began to falter, the media then alleged that he was engaged in auto-erotic asphyxiation and died as a result. I can’t speak for others, of course, but this explanation was dubious and silly to me, given that this was a man who supposedly single-handedly kept 3 women prisoner in his basement for a decade. I highly doubt that a man who’s supposed to be so “intelligent” as to evade authorities for that long would kill himself in that manner, on purpose or otherwise….Unless he had help all that time, which – ironically enough – would also explain his untimely death.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Ariel Castro was part of some kind of organization involved in human trafficking. It is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States every year (50% of them estimated to be children). It’s actually considered the third-largest profit generator for organized crime – behind only drugs and guns, of course – and Dyncorp was even confronted by Rep. Cynthia McKinney in Congress for participating in human trafficking.

This evidence was already in my mind, pointing me towards something deeper going on with the Castro case, before the latest news came out. Reuters and Fox Latino covered it yesterday, and it chilled me to my core:

ariel-castro-elias-acevedo-kidnapping-false-imprisonment-stockholm-syndrome-human-trafficking-children-sex-crimes-rape-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationCleveland’s Block Of Horrors? Ariel Castro’s Neighbor Pleads Not Guilty To 1990s Murders

….The 49-year-old Acevedo is accused in the death of his 30-year-old neighbor, Pamela Pemberton, found strangled in 1994, and another woman believed to be Christina Adkins, who disappeared in 1995. According to Reuters, he also is charged with the rape of two young girls.

Authorities last week identified human remains found in Cleveland as those of Adkins, who was pregnant and 18 when she disappeared.

“Because the public became more aware and investigators were determined and relentless, people were re-interviewed and there was an increased interest in these missing person cases,” FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson told The Associated Press.

Acevedo, who lived on the same block as Castro, was arrested in June at his Seymour Avenue residence after police questioned Castro’s neighbors and discovered that Acevedo was a convicted sex offender who had failed to report his current address.

Acevedo became a suspect in the Adkins and Pemberton murders after the FBI re-examined the disappearance of other missing women from the Seymour Avenue neighborhood in the aftermath of Castro’s arrest, according to a statement from the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office.

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While he’s been in jail, his DNA has been linked to both a 1993 rape that happened near where Pemberton’s body was found, and also the 1995 disappearance of Adkins – who, oddly enough, was last seen around Seymour Avenue.

He has confessed to both murders, and even led the authorities to the spot where he had buried Adkins, a manhole near a highway.

The indictment against him, however, includes the fact that he was doing the exact same thing as Castro was – holding hostage and repeatedly raping females – except with Acevedo, it was children.

The indictment against Acevedo includes 115 kidnapping charges and more than 173 charges of rape involving Adkins, Pemberton and the repeated rapes over a period of months of two girls, starting when they were 8 and 11 years old. He was also charged in the 1993 rape of his brother’s common-law wife.

So, why isn’t the media covering this in such detail as they covered Castro’s case? Isn’t repeated rape of little girls even worse than repeated rape of grown women? Forgive me for wearing my tin foil hat, but I personally believe that something involving human trafficking – either sponsored by organized crime rings or rogue elements of the government – has been going on on Seymour Avenue for decades, and it got too hot, so they’ve already killed Castro. If Acevedo is also dead a month after being convicted, then my conspiracy theories regarding this will almost assuredly be correct.