Dec 13, 2014

www.theguardian.com_2014-12-13_02-40-04London Guardian
A clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine has been suspended in all 59 volunteers in Geneva a week early “as a measure of precaution” after four patients complained of joint pains in hands and feet, the University of Geneva hospital said.
“They are all fine and being monitored regularly by the medical team leading the study,” it said on Thursday.
The human safety trials of the vaccine being developed by the pharmaceutical firms Merck and NewLink are scheduled to resume on 5 January in up to 15 volunteers after checks to ensure that the joint pain symptoms were “benign and temporary”, the hospital added.
The decision to suspend the trials comes as health officials in Sierra Leone discovered scores of bodies in a remote diamond-mining area, raising fears of a spike in the number of unreported deaths.
…Separately Gavi, the global vaccines alliance, has committed up to $300m (£192m) to buy Ebola vaccines and is ready to begin procurement as soon as the WHO recommends one for use, the alliance said on Thursday.

Yeeeahhh…..let’s talk about Gavi, shall we?

Death by Vaccination: The Gates Foundation and the New Eugenics

While lecturing at the elitist TED 2010 conference in Long Beach, CA, Bill Gates slipped a statement while speaking on the dangers of climate change and over population: “Vaccines? I love them.” His admission was made in the context of his philanthropic strategy and, as we will see, vaccines play a dominant role in his firm conviction that population reduction is an urgent priority for the survival of humanity. Then the question is, who should be eliminated from the population? Who is elected from the public to make such decisions? The short answer is no one. Hence it is being done quietly thru foundations, international agencies and private industry.
Today the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is “the most powerful charity in the world, and one of the most quietly influential international organizations of any sort.” The Foundation is funded to the tune of $34.6 billion plus an additional $30 billion from Warren Buffet’s investments. This is almost the entire budget of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Up to an additional $90m could also be used to support countries to introduce the vaccines and to rebuild their health systems, it added.
Clinical trials with experimental shots are now underway as experts race to contain an epidemic that has killed more than 6,000 people in west Africa, though there is still uncertainty over how well they will work and how many doses are needed.
In 2000, the Gates Foundation founded the International Finance Facility for Immunization (GAVI) and that organization’s Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines. GAVI is a global collaboration that includes governments, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, WHO, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, UNICEF, vaccine makers, and other influential entities. All of these are zealot vaccination promoters. The organization’s mission is to vaccinate every child in Africa. Through GAVI and its various programs, an estimated 250 million children in developing countries have already been vaccinated. But the Foundation itself does not perform drug and vaccine research and development. In addition to traditional grant giving, it also provides lines of credit. For example, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative received from the Foundation a $100 million line of credit to empower the nonprofit organization to influence HIV vaccine development within the vaccine industrial complex.
According to the committees’ participants representing, “the largest public health institutions in the West,” it is impossible to remove DNA contaminants from vaccines. When the question was raised whether or not vaccine DNA contamination could cause cancer or autoimmune disease, one respondent stated, “when you consider that almost every one of these vaccines is injected right into the tissue… I think you couldn’t do much more to get the DNA expressed [to get contaminating cancer-causing DNA taken up by human cells] than to inject it into a muscle in the way it’s being done.”
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Chairman of the health committees in the German Parliament and the European Council, reported that Novartis was using a “nutrient solution” relying on cancer-cell lines in a bioreactor to manufacture its H1N1 vaccine. He issued warnings that adverse reactions to this kind of engineered vaccine are unknown.
Bill Gates’ mission to protect poorer populations from disease through mass vaccination, his sense of urgency that the global population is too large and needs to be reduced, and his deep financial and collaborative enterprises with the oligarchic elite, health agencies and multilateral organizations with a past history of eugenic intentions and experimentation, make for a bizarre mix that raises serious questions about the truth behind his Foundation’s motives.

But that’s enough of that, because pretty much everybody knows about the “global elite” at this point: they’re the people who not only let our kids get sick, they want them to. And when your child is autistic 3 months after getting vaccinated, they’re the ones saying you’re crazy for thinking it was the shots that took your baby from you, and not some weird random thing that “you must’ve done while you were pregnant” and/or that “they’ve had it all along” and you were just such a bad parent, you didn’t recognize it”.

Yeah, they are THOSE people. WE “vaccine deniers” are the ones actually saying no, you’re not crazy for knowing that your child has been harmed by something. You’re a smart, caring, parent who is upset that the facade of our benevolent health care system has crashed down around you.

So, let’s get back to the ebola vaccine story:

Ebola vaccine trial ‘interrupted’ due to joint pains News
The vaccine being tested is one developed by NewLink, and recently bought by Merck.
There is currently no vaccine licensed for use to protect against Ebola.
Two vaccines are currently being tested in humans in a number of countries.
The hospital said human safety trials would resume on 5 January in up to 15 volunteers after checks had taken place to ensure the joint pain symptoms were “benign and temporary”.
Four trials of another Ebola vaccine developed by GlaxoSmithKline, in collaboration with the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, are also underway.

a.abcnews.com_2014-12-13_04-22-59Who, exactly, is manufacturing this vaccine?

Hospital Pauses Test of an Ebola Vaccine Licensed to Merck
But the center, University Hospitals of Geneva, said such reactions were common for vaccines, suggesting it did not think this represented a major setback to the development of the vaccine, which might become an important tool in containing the epidemic in West Africa.
If the vaccines prove safe in these early tests and show evidence that they stimulate an immune system response, health authorities plan to conduct larger trials beginning next year in the African countries affected by the outbreak.
The vaccine being tested in Geneva was initially developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and licensed to NewLink Genetics, a small biotechnology company in Iowa. Last month, NewLink licensed its rights to Merck, a company with far more resources and expertise in developing and manufacturing vaccines.
University Hospitals of Geneva said in a statement on Thursday that it had given the vaccine to 59 volunteers since Nov. 10 and that over all, the vaccine was “very well tolerated.” Some people got fever or muscle pain in the days and hours after the injection, but that was expected and the volunteers had been warned about it.
However, it said, four volunteers then reported mild pain in the joints of the hands and feet 10 to 15 days after the injection, something not expected. The hospital said it therefore decided to halt the injections until Jan. 5, so it could study the situation and update the information about expected side effects that it provides to volunteers.
Joint pain after vaccination “is a well-documented phenomenon (SG: BUT ALSO UNEXPECTED? WHA….?) which does not worry specialists,” it said. It added, “The temporary interruption of a clinical trial is a standard precautionary measure in such cases.”
The vaccine is also being tested in Canada, Germany and Gabon, and in the United States at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and at the National Institutes of Health. These other teams have not observed such inflammation, the Geneva hospital said.
Merck said that the side effect was seen in volunteers receiving a higher dose and that part of the goal for the study was to define the proper dose. It said it understood that the study would continue, using lower doses.
“These events have not been reported at any of the other clinical sites,” the company said in a statement. “It is not known at this time whether these events are related to the vaccine or not.”
Merck paid $30 million initially to NewLink for rights to the vaccine and owes another $20 million when the vaccine enters later-stage testing. Shares of NewLink were down about 5 percent Thursday afternoon.
So far, the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine does not appear to have caused any safety problems, authorities have said.
The two vaccines use different technical approaches. Both are made of viruses that are genetically engineered so that they make a protein from the Ebola virus.The Merck vaccine uses vesicular stomatitis virus, which can cause a mouth disease in livestock but rarely in people.The Glaxo vaccine uses a chimpanzee adenovirus, which causes a type of common cold in chimps but is not known to cause illness in people., wow. This is fantastic. The vaccine for the most outrageously-dangerous virus known to mankind (besides it’s even-bitchier cousin, Marburg) is going to be a genetically manipulated version of a chimp virus? We just KNOW how great that turned out for humanity last time.

And that’s not even mentioning the whole SV-40 scandal, when vaccine manufacturers decided to leave a monkey virus in their polio vaccines that ended up giving people cancer decades later., stepping down off my soapbox for the moment. Onward with the propaganda:

Safety is considered crucial for vaccines because they are typically given to large numbers of healthy people. Indeed, companies developing Ebola vaccines have been seeking some indemnity should side effects emerge once the vaccines are used for mass inoculations, especially since the vaccines are being developed on a crash schedule.
This week, the Department of Health and Human Services said it was granting such liability protection against legal claims brought in the United States for the Glaxo and Merck vaccines, as well as one being developed by Johnson & Johnson. are we not hearing a whole lot about Johnson & Johnson’s ebola vaccine?

A third vaccine is being developed by Johnson & Johnson and Bavarian Nordic, which expects to begin testing next month in up to 600 volunteers in Europe and Africa. J&J is investing about $200 million to study and make the vaccine, including to help Bavarian Nordic build the capacity to make its part of the regimen, according to The Wall Street Journal. does just the name, “Bavarian Nordic”, scare me a little bit?

In addition, the company has multiple pre-clinical projects based on its MVA-BN technology targeting infectious diseases. These projects include the development of MVA-BN Filo, a filovirus vaccine for Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever diseases, in a several years of work together with the NIAID. In October 2014, following a successful pre-clinical demonstration of the combination vaccine regimen of its multivalent MVA-BN Filovirus vaccine and Crucell/Janssen’s AdVac technology based on adenoviral vectors, Bavarian Nordic joined efforts with Crucell Holland B.V., one of the Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson. The partnership is looking forward to accelerating further clinical investigation of this regimen, and to scaling up the production and making the vaccines available for emergency use to help contain the outbreak in West Africa.

ghanahealthnest.com_2014-12-13_04-29-06I’m getting the feeling that mad scientists have officially taken over the world. But I digress…

In related news, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, said it was committed to spending up to $300 million to buy up to 12 million courses of Ebola vaccine to immunize people in countries affected by the outbreak. It said it would act as soon as a vaccine was recommended for use by the World Health Organization.
Gavi, once known as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, is a public-private partnership funded by various governments, companies and charities including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Source important thing to remember about all of this is that this course of measure (suspending the trials, even for a few months) is very bizarre for a vaccine development company, in terms of the protocol for “unexpected side effects” that always occur with any pharmaceutical drug (especially vaccines).

Let’s compare this incident to what happened with another seriously dangerous vaccine: Incredibly lax safety protocol and lack of documentation of side effects occurred ALL THE TIME when another fast-tracked vaccine, Gardasil, was being injected into thousands of young girls in what can only be described as a mass eugenics experiment. However, the trials were never stopped, and the drug companies never even had to admit that the sterilized, maimed, and dead girls were hurt as a result of the vaccine – Even after one of it’s developers came forward to “clear her conscience”.

So, what’s going on, here? Are the side effects of the ebola vaccine worse than what is being reported? Why are huge outbreak surges being indicated at the exact same time as this trial is being suspended? Has the vaccine done what it tends to do in the hands of eugenics-obsessed psychopaths, which is kill or maim the host with side effects?

All I’m saying is, seeing as there’s been a media blackout on this subject, there doesn’t seem to be any stop to the exponential growth of infected in W. Africa, and now this, we have to wonder just how bad this is.