Jul 14, 2014

A few months ago, panicked youtubers uploaded videos of bison “running away” “migrating” away from Yellowstone National Park.

Then, a few days ago, Firehole Lake Drive at Yellowstone, which leads to geysers and Firehole Lake, turned into soup.

So, when I was searching for the military/Yellowstone connection, and I found this, I’m kind of starting to wonder if writers from BeforeItsNews might be like Woody Harrelson’s character in “2012”.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/04/04/article-2596966-1CD4485500000578-217_634x408.jpgApparently, National Parks and Wildlife officials across the Western U.S. are thinking of “moving the bison from Yellowstone to a more suitable habitat”, even though it wouldn’t make that much sense since Montana’s National Bison Range is already at full capacity, and they’re scratching their heads over the odd proposal:

Both the National Bison Range on the border between Sanders and Lake County and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in Glasgow were identified as potentially suitable public lands for relocated bison to take up residence in.

Torbit noted the National Bison Range would likely not receive an increase to its current populations due to multiple factors.

“The National Bison Range is already at capacity and there are no plans to move there unless we decide we need to augment the genetic profile of our current population,” Torbit said.

The point, however, is not the fact that they’re taking the bison to Montana ; The point is that they’re moving them away from a habitat that they admittedly are thriving in. So, there’s really no reason why they’re doing this except for the possibility that they are preparing a slow evacuation of Yellowstone over the next several years, so that when Yellowstone does eventually blow, the loss of animal life is less substantial (particularly in bison herds, which are pretty rare nowadays anyway).

On the other hand, however, is this Tom Lupshu Youtube character, who has come up with some pretty shady/shaky claims about Yellowstone recently. One being that the U.S. Military is preparing for a Yellowstone supereruption, which is only a minute and a half long, and provides almost no identifying information as to which volcano they’re even talking about.

And a video that surfaced 3 days ago shows Tom Lupshu himself in front of a camera stating that there is a massive cover-up occurring, and that roads around Yellowstone are being closed and everyone in the military industrial complex is super duper scared of it. Like the video above, this one gives the user almost no identifying information about Tom himself, nor does he back up his claims with any real evidence whastsoever.

I mean, the guy doesn’t even show his EYES, which may or may not mean something ; But when Facebook is openly experimenting on it’s users to manipulate their emotions, you can never be too careful.

Just food for thought. I’m not saying that’s definitely what’s happening, because I honestly don’t know. And, seeing as how I’m living right in the zone of destruction myself (Denver, CO), I don’t even know if I want to know. Fortunately for us, we have enough storable food and supplies to last until we can get to a safer place if anything does happen, but I still worry about my friends who live in the area. What do YOU guys think?