Are Androids Among Us ? with guest Paris Tosen >>


AIRED: 09-18-2021

Tonight’s guest, Paris Tosen, is a friend and long time guest of Ra Castaldo’s shows, even prior to being on Truth Frequency radio network, Ra, had a show on the para x radio network called Spiral Radio, where Paris was a guest several times, also Paris has appeared here inside the eye of Ra on TFR , on Ra’s show in 2017 and 2018 several times. You can find that in the archives right here on TFR inside EYE of Ra archives. Tonight’s show was very interesting and very important topics were discussed. It was a laid back and fun conversation about extremely serious and important issues and events. Are there Androids living among us? Not literal machines like Data from Star trek, but Synthetic Humans, that are just as real as you and me , and possibly they might no even be aware of what they truly are, not a NPC so to say, but a strategically placed synthetic human that is part of a Inter- Planetary network and agenda ? Paris takes us down the journey of how he was shown that these beings do indeed exist and also takes on a journey thru his many experiences in life,his cosmic journey. Paris is an Author, Inventor, Intuitive, Experiencer, truth seeker, and Renaissance man . We discuss DNA, Microbiology, Time Travel Tunnels, Missing time, Copper technology, Androids and so much more. Also discussed is the current situation in the Canary Islands , concerning the Volcano and a possibly Tsunami that could hit East Coast of USA and would also pull Rome beneath the Sea , just like Ancient Hebrew Tales, discussing God destroying the Holy City of Rome, and than thats when Lilith will leave her headquarters beneath the Sea, and take her throne in Rome, with her Rebellious Fallen Angel Antichrist King!


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