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AIRED: 03-05-2021

He’s an amazing enlightener. He has the patience of Job. He rarely rage-quits in the face of willful ignorance. His stamina is legendary. But can he multi-task?? David Weiss is here, summoned by Lucas’ sultry alchemical vocalizations, from chat-to-show like “That!”
We give him a rest from his usual routine, already knowing the many layers lies heaped upon us for so long. So we can just have a good time with Dave, he doesn’t have to be “on” while he is on, and a good time is passed, ideas are bounced, pictures are added to his FE Clock App (even as he speaks!!) Link below for the real FE clock app.

–Lucas talks calendars. David is intrigued…
–Cards? Coins? Combat? Warlords?? Bring it!!!


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