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Sep 03, 2015

ants iphone

By: Slade Johnston (Breaking911 Newsroom)September 3, 2015 | 3:38 PM

This Is What Your iPhone Has Done To Your Braincells – the electromagnetic wave of an incoming call keep these little animals walk in a perfect circle around an iphone.

Video of ants circling phone divides academics:
ant’s antennaes are far and away the most important sense organs. They are inserted in sockets on each side of the frontal carinae, and consist of a series of joints of variable number and length.

The lowest number, four, is found in the genus Epitritus; the greatest, thirteen, in the males of many of our common ants. Usually the males have one more joint than the females and workers. The first joint, known as the scape, is always considerably elongated, except in the males of some species.