Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 09, 2013

monsanto-protests-pesticides-argentina-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationby Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society

A new report reveals how Monsanto’s pesticides are causing birth defects and cancer in Argentina. What’s more, anti-Monsanto protests have sparked near farming communities due to massive pesticide-induced illness.

“Children were being born with deformities,” says Sofia Gatica, a mother in the community whose own children became ill. “Little babies were being born with six fingers, without a jawbone, missing a skull bone, with kidney deformities, without an anus – and a lot of mothers and fathers were developing cancer.”

What this community and others with similar symptoms have in common is that they are all near large fields sprayed with glyphosate by planes overhead. Glyphosate is Monsanto’s herbicide, one that’s been proven to cause birth defects and numerous poor health outcomes. Studies from Argentina, as well as numerous other countries including the U.S., came to these conclusions.

In Sofia’s community, the mothers joined forces, calling themselves the Mothers of Ituzaingo. They took a survey, gathered from members of their community, and presented it to their government demanding an investigation. The government agreed.