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Aug 03, 2014


Anti Israel comment on Facebook means you will lose your job: Report |

LONDON: Speaking against Israel means you can lose your job. This is the new trend emerging in West to deter people from participating in protests and sharing anti-Israel hate comments on Facebook.

The Israeli media has reported that now after many days of social media war against Israel, finally Israel has found a solution to this issue.

The Israeli media says that online groups have come to help Israel in this regards who are reporting all such incidents where people have said anything harsh to Israel.

Then these online groups are reporting it to their employers and with the help of Israeli lobby, these groups are  making sure that all these people are removed from their jobs.

Israeli media says that it can be safely suggested that over the past two weeks, an increasing number of Facebook pages are reporting on people who express joy at the deaths of IDF soldiers or speak out harshly against the war effort, and calling for them to be dismissed from their jobs.

The Israeli media thinks that in the coming days, the social media resistance can be controlled effectively through this technique.