Truth Frequency Radio

Oct 15, 2015

So you think you have nothing to hide and that the government would never spy on you or use your information that you think is safely tucked away behind your password.  You are wrong. It has become frighteningly clear that not only is all of our information collected and collated, it WILL be used against you.

Everyone has heard of Edward Snowden.  He is the guy that proved the existence of the new monitoring system on all digital information circulating the globe gathered up by the world governments’ alphabet agencies. He has had to take sanctuary in Russia and is negotiating with the US for his return and is willing to go to jail for his role in releasing ‘gravely embarrassing information’, with the primary condition that he is not to be tortured.  Before him there was Bradley Manning an active duty soldier who released video footage of a murderous US Military to Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Manning is in prison now and Assange, who is not a US Citizen and has no obligation to the US Government is currently in effect, imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London denied the freedom to get medical attention.

It is no small wonder that this employee of the US intelligence agency will remain anonymous.  Who in their right mind would come out in the open.  Obama joked:

“Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield,” directed by Richard Rowley and written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker is a film covering the killing of American citizens with out warrant, trial, or evidence of crimes. It is also the title of the book written by Jeremy Scahill.  I highly recommend all Americans read the book and watch the movie.  The following video is an interview with the Father/Grandfather of  Anwar/Abdulrahman al-Awlaki both American Citizen

The coincidence of those executions taking place in Yemen is not lost on even the most casual observer. Yemen, the country whose weddings are being bombarded by Saudi Arabia who wants to be named UN’s Human Rights Council Leader.

It is with the cooperation of Jeremy Scahill that the most recent evidence of crimes against Americans and Crimes against Humanity has been brought to light in the exclusive release by The Intercept.  It is comprehensive and overwhelming evidence of unmanned murder machines conducting extreme prejudice whomever the administration deems necessary.


All ten parts are at that link for one to read.

All Americans overseas has reason to fear.  With all the human rights abuses done in the world by the US Government, and those acts done with the blessings of the UN and the US, any one of us can be renditioned or summarily executed without warrant or trial, merely for acting in such a way that a bureaucrat deems negative. Host countries, for the most part, cannot assure anyone any security. Well, as Snowden would tell you, Russia is an exception.

How can one feel secure in this new global reality?

Every person who is active duty that took part of these assassinations have violated numerous laws, international and American, and most crucial, Military law. Being ordered to do these deeds is not a defense. For the basic orders all military members learn in basic training is this: To follow all lawful orders.. These supposed regulations and laws that permitted and compelled a service member to kill these people, may have been legal, but in no way was it lawful.

I have only gone through 3 of the 10 articles. I am already aghast. As a former military member, I find that the failures (missed targets, wrong targets, and other screw ups) are far too many.  One would not pass a basic marksmanship test with these same numbers.  Even if this action was lawful, this operation should be shut down due to the dismal success/failure rate.

Since when does being a suspect equal a death sentence? Americans must stand up and put these criminals in jail.  Those who are guilty in this should be grateful that we would want a trial and conviction and imprisonment, as opposed to the immediate execution they mete out on others.

This new whistleblower should most definitely remain anonymous, unless he decides to take sanctuary in Russia. Based on what has happened already to other whistleblowers, he has no reason to feel safe in disclosing his identity. Do read those Drone Papers. It will stun you, but we all need to know why the world’s population is disliking the US more and more.

By the way, do you know how many states in the US currently have drones flying over them under the auspices of Homeland Security? Look it up yourself.