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Nov 22, 2015

By Luckee1

He never wears a necktie this billionaire, though his very name means to join, bind, coil, attach; even when he was younger and not as well known, unlike other Zionists his age who were attired appropriately. But neckties and bonds are for others, not him. Always his shirts have the top two buttons unfastened as if he were some sort of playboy philosopher. Born in French Algeria to millionaire wealth, raised and educated in France, his is one of the most prominent voices in Zionism and supposedly THE Voice of France. Styled a philosopher, the truth is he is one of the actual war string pullers. In every country of bloodshed for the past 20 years, he has been there demanding sacrifice of others, he himself is too cowardly to endure. I find his writing equivalent to harlequin romance books.

Unable to endure a creme pie attack in real life, this coward has demanded the blood of millions on the altar of war. No one is immune when he sets his goal, peasant to president, housewife to head of state.

We in the Truth Movement often focus our research on the likes of John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Madeline Albright, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and other Zionists of reknown and the list goes on ad nauseum, many of whom we have seen photographic evidence of their treason and duplicity. But how did we American Truthers miss this guy? He is everywhere and worse than Brzezinski or Kissinger, this fellow has been in the midst of these ‘terrrorists’.

He directly called for the Libyan bloodshed. The Breakup of Yugoslavia? Yes, there he is. Afghanistan? Yes, there too. Yes, he is also behind the false ‘concentration camps’ narrative of Bosnia. One reason he wrote, Who Killed Daniel Pearl?, was because THAT killing was not part of the plan? He controlled those terrorists. The so called uprising in Georgia? Why, there he is again!

Many outside the U.S. know who I am pointing out, but for those who have never heard of him, I present Bernard Henri Levy.


The guy on the left is the late Christopher Stevens Ambassador to Libya who was brutalized and murdered for, as Hillary Clinton would have had us believe, a film depicting Mohammed titled “The Innocents of Muslims“, produced by none other than the guy in the middle, Gille Hertzog. The fellow on the right, with the trademark open shirt is Bernard Henri Levy, architect of the bloodshed of millions.

Bernard-Henri LŽvy en Libye. A Rajma, un gigantesque depot de munitions, de batteries anti-aeriennes et de bombes, tenu par les revolutionnaires, a saute dans la soiree du 4 mars. Tout a ete souffle dans un rayon d'un kilometre.

Bernard-Henri LŽvy en Libye.
A Rajma, un gigantesque depot de munitions, de batteries anti-aeriennes et de bombes, tenu par les revolutionnaires, a saute dans la soiree du 4 mars. Tout a ete souffle dans un rayon d’un kilometre.

Death and destruction comes to where this man visits. Levy literally started the war on Libya. He even made a film of his acts. He had set his sites on Syria and that is why we are embroiled over there.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: What Was Done in Libya Can Be Done in Syria (MEMRI hasbara July 27, 2012)

He is a busy busy man, juggling wars of the world. But he is dedicated to his craft. He is not only working on Syria, but also Ukraine.

Ukraine before and after

The Ukraine 'Hail the conquering hero' photo exposed as a fraud.

The Ukraine ‘Hail the conquering hero’ photo exposed as a fraud.

You may wonder about the presence of other known players in the chessboard slaughter house such as McCain, Clinton, and Soros, you needn’t.  Is he doing their bidding? Hardly. It looks more like they are doing his.

The Soros – Levy war machine even went to press together in the NY Times oped.


McCain and Levy working on the dismantling of Syria

Hillary Clinton meets with Levy as told by Levy.

So have we unearthed one of the secret families that is running the globe?  Who knows? You can easily look up the name Levy and see what it means in the Zionist syndicate. I do know that this man should be tried and punished for his roles in the murders of many people. So it is up to us to keep tabs on this jerk. You can also go to Veterans Today to see more on this cretin

Oh and by the way.  Levy has set his sites on Russia. No wonder Putin banned whining Levy from traveling to Russia.