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AIRED: 08-26-2018

Today TFDF welcomes a dear friend and fellow traveler Anjel Gutierrez Salcido. Anjel isn’t an author or teacher per se, he doesn’t give lectures or hold classes but what he brings to the table that is an inspiration to everyone who knows him is authenticity and love in his heart as he navigates through 3D density with a desire to remember who he is and why he is here. He has a Youtube channel, The Mile High Podcast, that has evolved since it’s inception about 2 years ago. What he thought it was going to be and what it is turning into are two totally different things. Anjel’s mission is to combine the truth & light with laughter & love! If you, like Anjel, have ever thought “I’m nobody special” or “What difference could I possibly make?” then you need to harvest the inspiration that this interview is sure to give you…that you CAN make a difference and that YOU are very special!

website: Youtube Channel/The Mile High Podcast

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