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May 14, 2013

Citizens of Belize and inhabitants of the Mayan culture are outraged this week, as it was revealed by authorities yesterday that a construction company’s employees had almost completely destroyed an ancient Mayan pyramid estimated to be at least 2,300 years old.

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In Northern Belize, the community is beside itself with rage over the destruction of the ancient site. Believers in ancient “lay lines” or a “holographic grid” that connects these ancient sites together are probably a bit nauseated at the thought that this could happen, and that the workers didn’t stop chipping away at it, even as they had to have known that it was a man-made structure 100 feet tall.

Jaime Awe, the head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology, told AP:

“It’s a feeling of Incredible disbelief because of the ignorance and the insensitivity … they were using this for road fill,” Awe told AP. “It’s like being punched in the stomach, it’s just so horrendous.”

“These guys knew that this was an ancient structure. It’s just bloody laziness”, Awe continued. “Just to realize that the ancient Maya acquired all this building material to erect these buildings, using nothing more than stone tools and quarried the stone, and carried this material on their heads, using tump lines,” he said. “To think that today we have modern equipment, that you can go and excavate in a quarry anywhere, but that this company would completely disregard that and completely destroyed this building. Why can’t these people just go and quarry somewhere that has no cultural significance? It’s mind-boggling.”

Authorities are reportedly investigating the situation, although sadly, the damage has already been done.



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