AIRED: 02-11-2018

As an Anarchist, today’s guest, Carl Street brings fresh perspective on the Fall of the American Empire. This is a fun show with a point of view not usually debated. Drawing comparisons from the “Confessions of an Economic HItman by John Perkins and the old Greek and Roman Empires, Carl maps out parallels to why America’s falling apart today. His solution is Anarchy. He outlines a whole new system of government, whereby each and every citizen would control the distribution of money for government services. In his vision, we would keep the power among ourselves instead of handing our freedom to psychopaths! Also, once again your Faithful Host asks for donations to Saving Susan’s Home at All of your donations are deeply appreciated!

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My beloved friends and family at TFR— This is my last show on TFR. I can scarcely believe that 10 years ago, on Sept 7, 2013, I kicked off my first show interviewing Vince Palamara on his book, “Survivor’s Guilt” on the Kennedy assassination. Through all these years, your love and encouragement has meant the...

AIRED: 02-19-2023