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Nov 15, 2013

almost-human-futuristic-TV-show-transhumanism-predictive-programming-crime-rate-gun-control-propaganda-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAn Interrogation Routine of Real Cop, Robot Cop?

‘Almost Human,’ a Futuristic Series on FOX


In the future, your artificial limbs and joints will talk to you. Holographic gizmos will augment all those desktops, laptops and tablets we’re so fond of. And proper balance will be everything.

The first two of those things are special-effects flourishes in the futuristic Fox drama “Almost Human,” which makes its debut on Sunday night. The third, the one involving balance, will determine whether this series about a human police officer and his humanoid partner is worth sticking with.

“Almost Human” is set in a future drawn from the fervid dreams of all those Doomsday prepper types who seem eager for civilization to descend into calamity.

“Unknown drugs and weapons flood our streets and schools,” we’re told as the series opens with a text-voice-over combination that calls to mind a political attack ad. “The contraband is controlled and distributed by violent, faceless, criminal organizations. And the crime rate rises an astounding 400 percent.”

Rises 400 percent from when — 2013? Last week? — isn’t clear, but there’s no time to parse that because the automatic-weapons fire begins immediately. We are given a harrowing scene in which a detective named John Kennex (Karl Urban) sees his team wiped out in an ambush and ends up getting his leg blown off.

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