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Jan 20, 2016

First of all thank you very much for following me and opening this, it means a lot to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to greet all of you, when you start following me and, I’m not cold enough to put an automatized message either. I’m gonna talk a little about myself in general, without getting too personal (for obvious reasons) to avoid tl;dr as much as possible you can refer to this: #1 why am i doing this? #2 A little about me. #3 My believes and hopes #4 Why i became an Anon #5 Anonymous now compared to back then #6 A great opportunity & statement


I’m doing this to be as open, honest and welcoming as i can, since i haven’t had time to talk to, yeah… any of you besides some ARA, both hactivists, as we’ve been labeled as in media and non-hactivists. Believe me, I’d love to learn you all better to know personally, but that’s not gonna happen with my… occupations. I thought I would share my beliefs, stands and opinion in some areas, so you can learn a little about me, even if it’s just the tip of the iceberg. So here it goes, hope you enjoy, and please remember that I’m not a writer LoL.


I’m from a cold, desolate, small village that most of you probably don’t know about. That village is still pretty much mostly living/surviving as a hunter-gatherer society. Yes. I’m an Eskimo. And yes, we have houses, with actual electricity and heat… Yes, I’ve seen live polar bears, whales and seals. From here on i hope you can be open minded and finish reading it before you start hating me already, most of you are ARA anyways. Being an Eskimo in a hunter-gatherer society, i have eaten seals, Reindeers/Meese(plural for a moose)… There is just not much else to eat there where I’m from, unless you want to spend a weeks pay on 1 single supermarket-ish meal or salads/greens. The greatest gift of coming from such a place is that you become philosophical, respectful of the nature and see what really matters in life. You see, i take great pride in being an Eskimo, I’ve fought to survive, struggled to keep my self warm, while hunting so I and my family can eat. I HAVE NEVER TROPHY-HUNTED OR DONE IT FOR SPORT. I am fortunately blessed with parents that gave and is still giving me unconditional love. Even though they have been hungry, survived with no heater or electricity for months, maybe years, they went to the city on a long boat trip, to buy me books and let me travel a big part of the world, so i could experience what they couldn’t when they were young. Can’t thank them enough for it. Normally kids start in school at the age of 6 where I come from, but my village is one of the few where there are no school(s), so I started at the age of 10. It meant i had to be tested to see what my intellectual level was before starting, and that’s when we found out i was pretty smart, clever and intelligent for a kid from such an isolated place. (I’m not meaning to brag) What happened from there was that they let me skip a couple of grades, my first day at school was actually as a 6th grader, as the youngest in class in the capital city. And of course, because i was from that village and i was the youngest the so called civilized kids teased me a lot. They called me names as monkey, “The one from the stone age” (it’s actually 1 word in my native language) and the classics as geek and nerd. Geek and nerd were just compliments for me, it meant that the guy from the stone age was actually smarter than them. It’s also from there i learned that living in the city is almost as much a struggle to survive as in the wild. And of course, with my parents having no education meant that they couldn’t get a job, so like actually pretty many people, my dad was still a hunter and fisher and i helped him before school and after school. Even though it was tough, it was the best time of my life. Many see “Eskimo” as an offensive word. Since that’s what the arctic people was called way back when the native Americans were many and still was the majority of what we now know as the United States of America, so most prefer the word “Inuit”, since it’s for them more modern. I was both modern and ancient all at the same time. After elementary school i got a job, my mom had started to work at the factory, we had whatever my dad had caught for dinner. After a year saving every penny we had, we could afford for me to travel to Bolivia in South America as an exchange student. It was fun, i got to practice my English and learn Spanish too. Not to mention that i was seeing and feeling a whole new culture, climate, yeah, everything. Again, i was the youngest one, not just in class but in high school. But i wasn’t bullied or teased for it, for the first time in my life i felt real acceptance and respect from other people outside my village.


This is just my opinion on religion, politics, money and all that c**p. If u want to debate further than what I’m writing here, you can dm me. Just to make it clear, I’m not Newton, Hawking, Nietzsche, Socrates, John Lennon or Einstein. I’m just more dedicated and stubborn than most people. Everything besides my looks and ancestral history is something me and my parents have worked hard for. That’s what i believe in: Compassion, Dedication and respect of the surroundings/nature, nothing more, you can achieve anything with those. That i believe in something so pure also means I’m agnostic, even though i haven’t excluded that god exists, i don’t belong to what we know as religion, even though i respect them all very much. Even though i respect all religions and believes, i don’t like that some people have and still use them to make violence, that’s not religion in my opinion. I’m also an anarchist, i don’t believe in the false security and safety of what we call the government gives us. Quite frankly how politics and democracy works is in my opinion outdated. You, them, me and we have to stop hating and being violent because of we’re born with different colors or because the other one is born on the other side of an imaginary line that we call borders. What we know as Countries and/or states have to stop existing, they just bring hate, and massacres. What all those in this chapter has in common is money, name one religion, politician, politic standpoint and country with more believers/followers than a 100 persons that hasn’t earned a profit financially. The only difference between the papers we know as money and the fake money from the board game monopoly is how we see them. they don’t really matter, and yet they control and ruin lives by greed. The idea of being rich or powerful shouldn’t be determined by the quantity of money, but how much compassion we have for each other, dedication and respect of anything from the nature, including all living beings. My biggest ambition is equality and love to and between all. REMEMBER; I’M JUST SAYING WHAT I BELIEVE IN AND WHAT MY OPINION IS, I RESPECT YOURS SO I HOPE U WILL RESPECT MINE AND IF U WANT TO DISCUSS IT THEN DO DM ME. 🙂


I became an anon because i want to make a difference in the world, without obtaining power, fame or money. That’s where the anonymity comes in. I’m being an Anon, ARA out of compassion. Out of compassion comes acceptance and respect and from those freedom of speech, freedom of religion and most importantly love. I became an anon to spread that ideology and unfortunately that means getting rid of the greedy, hateful believes as money, war and abuse. That’s what we, humans fail at, we’re greedy, hateful and materialistic. The word humane isn’t actually a good word, just look at us, we think of race more than species. WE as a species are impure. Animals are pure and beautiful because they don’t do horrible, humane actions as violence, abuse, mischief and genocide. That’s what in my perspective Anonymous stands against. No hate, no money but dedication and compassion.


In my opinion anonymous as an collective, has been romanticized and become a poster-boy for trolls, wannabe’s who can’t do anything else than taking selfies, pics of their foods and drinks and vision less people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on anyone, we all have our own skills, talents, believes, and perspectives. It’s become mainstream to be anonymous, many oppress others believes while calling them selves Just look at #OpTrump and the recent Hillary Clinton video. Yeah, sure we’ve been against politicians and even heads of states before, but we never told people that they should vote on that or this politician. We were just against violence, oppression, war and genocide and censorship and surveillance. Even kids, who don’t understand what anonymous is or what it stands for threaten people saying they are anonymous. While f***ing playing Call Of Duty or just to scare people overall. Anyone can be anonymous, just not the cool anonymous 😉 And look at the fakenons as i like to call them, they do nothing good, they’re just skids (some might need to look that up) trying to impersonate Anons by trolling actual working people of all kinds, also on Anonymous. This is my 2nd anonymous account because, honestly, the anons i once shared ideas, believes and ambitions with have changed. They are not sailing strong anymore, their compasses are off course and their sails are ripped. Just as an example, my first account got impersonated 3 times, to defame me, out of greed and out of jealousy. I didn’t care about these skids, let them have their blind, vision less little lives like that, instead of doing harm to animals and humans, and to say it short: thank you for seeing me as someone so cool that you tried to be me 😉 hope u enjoyed that, at least i was when i saw you didn’t even know what Tor or a VPN was, i was literally LoL’ing.


I’ve gotten a great opportunity that makes me able to be more active as an anon, for anonymity reasons I can’t tell you what it is but this is like a friendly warning: I’ll be more active than ever, i have some more experience and some new set of skills: beasts, pedos, scammers, abusers of any kind and oppressors u better be careful ‘cuz I’m gonna show fangs more than ever!!


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Thank you for taking your time to read this mess of a weird form of bio and statement, even if it was just a little part of it #MuchLuv


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Sail strong. Nalusaq