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Nov 04, 2014 (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – It was an act of kindness and extreme sportsmanship during this weekend’s Minnesota high school cross country meet.

A junior from one high school and senior from another helped a freshman from a third high school cross the finish line after she fell in pain just feet from the finish line.

“I just got tired and I fell, and it wasn’t good, and then there were two girls that helped me. Helped me finish and it was really nice of them. I’m really thankful for them,” said Jessica Christoffer.

“I saw her fall, and it’s 50 meters away from the finish and I was like, I couldn’t leave her there. I wouldn’t want to be left out there if it was me,” said Tierney Winter.

The show of sportsmanship actually disqualified all three runners because of a high school league rule.

But in the end none of the girls were too upset about it.