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AIRED: 01-15-2022

We have had this beautiful soul in our sights for awhile and decided it was time to have Amy Bernier on with us to share her journey with us and what a good move it was! Amys authenticity absolutely shines and thankfully she has a wonderful sense of humor as well! She shares the real stories, struggles, and learnings. With Amy, there is NO glossing over the hard parts. She digs deep!

Amy is a recovering people pleaser and overachiever, who learned the hard way that Saying Yes to others without considering yourself first is a recipe for disaster. With this philosophy in place she taught public school for ten years until physical and emotional pain in the form of chronic back pain, anxiety and depression drove her to stop teaching, reevaluate her life, and redesign her priorities. This new lifestyle is one filled with learning how to Say Yes to herself in little and big ways and ultimately from the inside out. Throughout this years long journey of Saying Yes, Amy has explored multiple new avenues of sharing her gift of teaching and speaking, through one on one coaching, group coaching and courses.

She now combines all of these experiences and pulls from a well of wisdom and intuition as she guides her guests on the Being Brave with Amy B podcast and YouTube show. Being Brave with Amy B amplifies diverse stories of being brave and answering the call of your heart… we share the REAL STORIES, struggles and learnings INCLUDED, there is no glossing over the hard and scary parts, we dig deep. This creates transformation for listeners and participants alike, as we begin to see that even with our many differences, we are still so alike… this is a show for you to see and been seen, feel and be felt, hear and be heard.

You can email Amy Bernier at [email protected]

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to spend time with you once again. We look forward to spending time with you once more next Saturday and until then, remember that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

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