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AIRED: 08-25-2015

–For those of you in the chattering classes and the mainstream media who are scratching your heads, fear not…I explain the appeal of Donald Trump to you!

–My novel idea for dealing with Islamic Terrorism: A Constitutional Amendment banning the practice of Islam!

–Examining the Left’s playbook of controlling language, and how ridiculous the term “gun violence” is in terms of how the media has been using it lately.

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This week, the reaction to a recent police shooting in Maryland (or the lack thereof) proves something that I said on this very program four weeks ago. Also, Tucker Carlson is catching some heat for pushing a supposedly “White Supremacist” theory about voter replacement. But for all the criticism and cries of racism…the Leftists haven’t...

AIRED: 04-18-2021

Tonight it’s all things guns…Senator Dick Durbin inadvertently revealed why politicians are so hellbent on enacting gun control (hint–it has absolutely nothing to do with crime). Also, Senile Grandpa Joe uncorked an Executive Order this week that he insists doesn’t conflict with the Second Amendment…but is this really so? Also, a discussion of Ghost Guns,...

AIRED: 04-11-2021

As opposed the the simple complaining that happens on most radio shows, today I give you an actual, workable *solution* to our border crisis! Hint: Most Democrats, and some Republicans, will detest this idea…but it would work. Also, after the most recent act of Islamic Terrorism, the Federal Government responds by…trying to ban guns? ...

AIRED: 03-28-2021

Practically every media outlet we are exposed to is making the case that “Anti-Government” sentiment and groups are the primary danger facing America. But does that assertion hold up to an actual analysis of the dangers and threats facing you and I every day? Also, a local gun show demonstrates the political corner that Democrats...

AIRED: 03-21-2021

As the Derrick Chauvin trial draws near, there seems to be some trepidation and walking on egg shells these days as people discuss it. Tonight we examine the very different value that Urban Communities assign to their criminals, versus the lower amount of value that Suburban and Rural Communities tend to assign to their criminals…and...

AIRED: 03-14-2021

Today we ask a question that may be uncomfortable for some–is it impossible that Americans could ever face a scenario in which options such as insurrection, secession, or overturning of the government might be legitimate? Are these concepts *always* off the table for Americans, even though our Founding Fathers engaged in these same behaviors in...

AIRED: 03-07-2021