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AIRED: 08-11-2015

–The Ferguson One Year Anniversary Spectacular!

–The Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly catfight

–Why I don’t want a “unifier” to become President

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I react to last week’s midterms–am I happy or angry? I discuss, at length, what the results of this midterm election should teach the Democrats…but probably won’t. Also, another tragic shooting in California…and, as if on cue, more calls from gun control from the Left. I have a sobering discussion for the gun grabbers…nope, they’re...

AIRED: 11-13-2018

As the polls are open, we examine how the last two years of concepts we have talked about on this program have led us to this moment, this most consequential of elections. We discuss how this election is not only a competition between Republicans and Democrats…but how it’s really a clash between two very different...

AIRED: 11-06-2018

My reflections on the so-called “Maga Bomber” from last week. I’m no Black Helicopter guy, but even I’m looking at a lot of the things that have come forth with this bomber, and I’m thinking, “this doesn’t smell right”. But even if he is who they say he is and believes what they say he...

AIRED: 10-30-2018

The Invaders…I mean, the “Migrant Caravan”…is on the way. Why we should deal with this issue with the utmost in seriousness, and why this demonstrates why Democrats are the Enemy of the People. Also, we go through the Propositions and Amendments on the Missouri ballot–some of these issues (such as Medical Marijuana) will be on...

AIRED: 10-23-2018

My reactions to the Kanye West-Donald Trump “summit”…and my impressions to the militant race hustling I’ve seen out of the left for so many years. Also, Democrats are thinking health care will be their key to winning votes in Trump Country–I illustrate the lies they are telling in Missouri in order to push this strategy....

AIRED: 10-16-2018

How the Gambler’s Fallacy exposes and explains one of the major shortcomings of the #MeToo movement…as well as most other Social Justice movements. Also, now that the Kavanaugh confirmation is finally complete–and now that the good guys have won–what’s next? Do we reach across the aisle with an olive branch? Or with a pair of...

AIRED: 10-09-2018