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AIRED: 06-06-2021

The Fauci emails that have been exposed this week should be the final straw for any respect, deference, or faith that you might still have in the Federal Government or large-scale institutions. Tonight we examine the cynicism that Americans have had in institutions–including government–for years…how Leftists thought they could use Covid as a means to eradicate that cynicism…and how a recent Pew Research poll indicates that this cynicism has only been strengthened.

website: www.outlawthedemocrats.com

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Now that we are at the end of the Coronavirus in America (despite what those who desperately want to hold onto Coronavirus restrictions would tell you), we examine what America must learn from all we’ve been through in the last 14 months. Also, Is it *really* better for a violent criminal to go through the...

AIRED: 05-30-2021

Failed Presidential Candidate, and wannabe leader of the Never Trump movement, Evan McMillin, released a letter this week in an attempt to create a new political movement. In this letter were 13 points that frame McMillin’s view of what a Conservative movement or political party should be. So I take on these 13 points, one...

AIRED: 05-16-2021

Lubbock Texas has passed a law banning abortions in their city limits, while over a dozen states are implementing nullification of Federal gun laws. Can similar defiance of the Federal Government–on a large scale–be used to force a split from the Federal Government, or even to force it to collapse under it’s own weight? Also,...

AIRED: 05-09-2021

Today we discuss the trope being pushed by the media that there is a “worrying” increase in Extremism among member of the military and police. If this is true, then is it really something to be concerned about? Or is it instead something that the general public should take to heart and emulate on some...

AIRED: 05-02-2021

Tonight we discuss why the verdict in the Chauvin case is a massive injustice, and why it causes me (and presumably, why it should cause you) to lose whatever faith you have left in our justice system and our form of government. Also, a subsequent case in Columbus Ohio–and the reaction to it by the...

AIRED: 04-25-2021

This week, the reaction to a recent police shooting in Maryland (or the lack thereof) proves something that I said on this very program four weeks ago. Also, Tucker Carlson is catching some heat for pushing a supposedly “White Supremacist” theory about voter replacement. But for all the criticism and cries of racism…the Leftists haven’t...

AIRED: 04-18-2021