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AIRED: 06-06-2021

The Fauci emails that have been exposed this week should be the final straw for any respect, deference, or faith that you might still have in the Federal Government or large-scale institutions. Tonight we examine the cynicism that Americans have had in institutions–including government–for years…how Leftists thought they could use Covid as a means to eradicate that cynicism…and how a recent Pew Research poll indicates that this cynicism has only been strengthened.

website: www.outlawthedemocrats.com

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When discussing the idea of secession or separation from the Federal Government, one retort that you often run into is “What about the funding/resources your state currently gets from the Federal Government?” But is the presence of resources and money really a justification for perpetuating a relationship with an abusive government? Plus, it’s the debut...

AIRED: 07-25-2021

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AIRED: 07-18-2021

Tonight, I discuss the concept of Independence–we celebrated it a week ago, but we so often lose sight of it soon after July 4th. And we shouldn’t, particularly at this critical point in history. Also, the Federal Government is going to go door-to-door advocating the Covid vaccine…I ask the question, “Is this an attempt to...

AIRED: 07-11-2021

Tonight, we discuss how you can end legal Abortion in your state tomorrow. Granted, with the ongoing fight over abortion we’ve had over the last 50 years, I can understand if you’re skeptical about this…but the plan I lay out tonight is a foolproof way to end abortion in your state as soon as you...

AIRED: 06-27-2021

Tonight we examine two issues–Abortion and Gun Rights–in which the Federal Government has brazenly tried to push back against the laws and the will of the people of Missouri. Could this be the first glimpse we have of a large-scale conflict with the Federal Government in America’s near future? Also, we disprove the Leftist trope...

AIRED: 06-20-2021

Now that we are at the end of the Coronavirus in America (despite what those who desperately want to hold onto Coronavirus restrictions would tell you), we examine what America must learn from all we’ve been through in the last 14 months. Also, Is it *really* better for a violent criminal to go through the...

AIRED: 05-30-2021