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Aug 28, 2015




I had been doubting my own eyes as the events of Wednesday’s shooting of journalists unfolded. From the beginning I suspected a farce, and posted immediately. After two postings, it was evening in the States and late night in Europe, fatigue set in and I became overwhelmed by the, now apparent, disinfo. Thinking that just maybe I was acting ‘like a conspiracy nut’, I backed off the whole story and let it settle, if you will. It is a good thing that I got the video uploaded on TFR because it cannot be taken down. And if it is forcibly tossed into the memory hole, like done unto the BBC Journalist (see story ) I will merely upload it again here or to another site. Barring that, I will share it with whomever wants it.

Worse than anything that these poorly scripted events ostentatiously do to the psyche, is the self doubt one can develop. The events combined with the narrative that follows, all scripted, of course, will make you even doubt your own gut instinct. When the manipulators in charge are able to get into your head surreptitiously this way, it can cause all kinds of psychological problems. In my opinion, this is a bigger or worse crime done than that which is purportedly done in the scenario. To mess around with the psyche of the masses is a slow motion murder of the individual spirit.  To construct a sense of insanity in the masses will initially debilitate the masses, thereby causing inaction, fear, or worse violent reactions.

The mistake that the manipulators in charge made, was that I am not alone, I have associates with whom I may compare notes. My man is also here and can discern fakery and confirm for me what I see. I am certain that in these times it is not a good idea to be alone.

It is for this reason, I find that it is good to nurture friendships and relations with reasonable people.  Sometimes we can encounter a real kook and will be rabbit trailing everywhere we don’t want to be. What I am proposing is for one to have a sane, reasonable, and intelligent contact to whom you can voice your doubts about this dimensional reality. That means if you think a news story is hinky, you can voice your doubts to this associate or friend and not fear being labeled as a theorist kook.  That person can confirm your view or set you to rights without acrimony or insult.

If you are in the business of tracking and posting the truth of events, it is good to take screen shots of what you see in real time on your computer.  Because now it seems the MSM and websites and Law Enforcement of various capacities are given the pass to edit, alter, and delete evidence.  Twitter now permits politicians to delete their tweets and Twitter will delete any record of the deleted tweets.  That makes reporters’ jobs more difficult as they try to cite the Twitter entry, only to find there is no no longer a record of it.

If you find a video that looks incriminating to you, download it and keep it.  You will be able to upload it at a later time. If you don’t have the equipment or knowledge to do so, contact a friend who does and ask them to do it for you.

These steps will help you maintain your sanity.  They will also help you prove your case to the public (or your friends) when you later articulate to them what conspiracy you are exposing.  It will also give proof to when you say, “I knew it!” and you prove that you did indeed.

Your experience is your own. When you see events that defy your experience and logic, you are not crazy, the manipulators in charge are either stupid or crazy to think they can pull these shenanigans on us.

Having learned first aid in the military and again when working as a motor coach operator for passengers, I learned to not in anyway move a person with a possible spinal injury unless by leaving the person there would cause their death.  One must keep the patient stable.  When the paramedics or doctors show up, they will handle that patient in the best way to prevent further spinal injuries that may cause paralysis.  We find in a post of 3 hours old from the BBC that the interviewee in the VA. Shooting got up and walked to an ambulance after she was shot in the back.

Question 1:  Why was there such a convenient ambulance?

Question 2: Why did anyone allow her to move at all if she was shot in the back. No paramedics would ever allow a patient to move, much less get up and walk to the ambulance.

So, Am I crazy?