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Aug 20, 2015


Proxy Wars Lead To World Wars

Reports are coming in of North and South Korea exchanging artillery fire in the DMZ (De-Militirized Zone) and this has led to the South to order the evacution of residents in and around the western border.


RT reports….

South Korean military shelled the North’s border area in response to an apparent earlier shelling from the North.

South Korean military fired dozens of artillery shells across the border on Thursday, the Yonhap news agency reported. The attack came in response to apparent shelling of the southern part of the border area by the North’s military.

“A barrage of supposedly North Korean military shells was detected by (South Korea’s) anti-battery radar” at 3:52pm, a ministry official said as cited by the agency.

Earlier the South Korean Defense Ministry said shelling from across the border was detected by counter-battery radar, but that the South didn’t return fire.

So, in my opinion, what we are seeing, possibly, is a continuation from the alleged Pentagon space weapon attack on China, only this time its via proxy wars.

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