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Jul 21, 2014

by , WHNT19

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A few weeks ago WHNT News 19 aired a story about a 3-year-old Marshall County boy’s miniature horse who was shot in his family’s front yard pasture. Since then, a viewer saw the story on social media and wanted to help.  Now there’s a much happier ending.

“Someone named this one Lily,” miniature horse owner Hugh O’Neal says. “This one is Mimi. She was born on Memorial Day.” O’Neal has quite a few miniature horses at his Morgan County home. “The grandkids named them,” O’Neal says, looking over the fence into the pasture.

He really didn’t think about giving up one of his pets. However, after seeing the story about a 3-year-old boy’s miniature horse that was shot, he got the family’s number from someone who knows them and gave them a call.

Jason Hudgins’ father gave a miniature horse and a pony to his grandchildren, Briar and Hadley. Several weeks ago Jason found Briar’s miniature horse suffering from two bullet wounds, and had to put the horse down. Since then Jason and his wife haven’t found out who shot the horse or why, but a phone call from O’Neal made the situation brighter.

“A lady that we know said ‘He’s being sincere he really wants to give them a horse’, and I said ‘okay,’” Jason Hudgins says.

So a trip out to Morgan County later, the hunt begins for a new pet.

“Briar, take a look at these two out here,” O’Neal says, pointing.

After inspecting each and every miniature horse out there, 3-year-old Briar his choices down. “Which one, do you want the paint that had the white eyes?” Hudgins asks.

Eventually, Briar found one.

It’s an act of kindness, making up for the loss of a pet. “It’s really unexpected but we’re really grateful for it,” Hudgins says.

Now, the hardest part comes.

Briar stands with his mom, thinking. “What are you going to name your pet?” she asks.

“Daughtry,” Briar answers.

How the boy came up with that name is still not clear to us adults, but whatever the reasoning Briar’s new horse is putting a smile on his face.  All because of one act of kindness.