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AIRED: 09-06-2021

It’s Spreading: “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants Break Out Across the Country.
2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with one half jointly to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites and the other half toTu Youyou for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria
Fauci Keeping an Eye on “Mu Variant” to “Make Sure it Doesn’t Become More Dominant”. FDA officials resign due to frustration with Biden administration pushing booster shots. Insurance Implications of Required Vaccines. Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). History The tainted polio vaccine that sickened and fatally paralyzed children in 1955. Luckee’s personal friend has been infected by the Ooga Booga, and it is really bad! (We don’t know if it is a variant or what).
Uber, Lyft, American Airlines Target Texas Over Abortion Law. How Trump’s fetal-tissue policy impacts medical research.
More Is Being Revealed Regarding the Actions of Former SEC Leaders in Apparent Attempts to Cash in on the Crypto Craze. Biden signs executive order directing release of some 9/11 documents. (Only declassified, none are newly declassified).
New Text Messages Reveal 2nd Battalion 1st Marines Were Given “a Countdown” Before Kabul Airport Bombing – It Started About Two Hours Out – They Are Now Being Silenced. State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say: ‘Blood is on their hands’. The United States and the Mujahideen a History. PSA to Veterans: While we support gatherings, we encourage due diligence and situational awareness, we don’t want to see a redo of Jan 6th. Event Advisory: The Reaffirm And Remember Muster 2021 – A Peaceful Veterans Gathering In Washington, D.C., Thursday, October 7, 2021, At 10:00 A.M. ET.
Meth is bad for everyone, but the headline reads: Former US Marine surrenders to police after killing four, including baby in his mother’s arms. Great American Boat Parade Breaks Trump Flotilla Record as Up to 4,000 Vessels Turn Up. Satellite images show raging Caldor wildfire ablaze in California. Relational Processes in Ayahuasca Groups of Palestinians and Israelis.
Judge orders West Chester Hospital to treat COVID-19 patient with anti-parasite drug despite CDC warning. See the link below to get the ‘report’.


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AIRED: 09-20-2021

Affordable housing in outer space: Scientists develop cosmic concrete from space dust and astronaut blood. Scandalous Headlines of Republicans plan fascist rally on September 18 in Washington D.C. Twitter LOCKS OUT Nicki Minaj after Trinidad govt denies vaccine links to ‘swollen testicles’ LIVE ON TV. Biden’s EO about Vaccinating the Unvaccinated (when it is about...

AIRED: 09-15-2021

Facebook pays contractors to read your ‘encrypted’ WhatsApp messages, shares info with prosecutors – reports. Facebook apologizes after its AI put ‘primates’ label on video about black men. American intelligence financed Ukrainian spy sting against purported Russian mercenaries set up & detained in Belarus, CNN alleges. Massive gas explosion blows off front of residential building...

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Orange Man Bad, of course. Orange is also Bitcoin. Orange is also Gold. Orange was the new black. Orange was the color those so-called witches were to use to cast a spell against Trump. Afghanistan debacle. Scare Tactics. Masks and FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaxx Will Allow the Gov and others force the population to...

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Arrest Warrants Issued For 52 ‘Fugitive’ Democrats After Texas Supreme Court Slaps Down Democrat Judge. Hackers Start Returning $600 Million Stolen In Record-Breaking DeFi Hack. Bezos, Gates, Bloomberg Team Up To Drill For Rare Minerals In Greenland. Defense secretary to mandate COVID vaccine for US military by Sept. 15. Dallas Defies Abbott, Mandates Masks in...

AIRED: 08-11-2021

Coming Soon For The Unvaccinated: A $50 Monthly Paycheck Deduction From Your Employer. Gaslighting in Earnest: Why refusing the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t just immoral – it’s ‘un-American’. History We Never Heard in the West: Spitak 10.0 Earthquake: How Half of Armenia Was Wiped Out Within 30 Seconds. CA Implements Audit-Proof Way To Steal Election That...

AIRED: 08-09-2021