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Aug 22, 2014

(Before It’s News)


via Clickhole

Most recently, the case of the missing Malaysian passenger flight on March 8, 2014 almost too perfectly echoed the lines from a 1993 Saturday Night Live “Opera Man” sketch: “A missing plane-ah / It’s from Malaysia / Make me insane-ah / This will all make sense in due time.”

Clearly, Adam has a knack for divining when bad things will happen! We can’t wait to see which of his predictions will occur next. Until then, we’re left with his chilling words from ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’: “Water shall overtake the eastern seaboard. Man, woman, child, and animal. All will drown.”

What do you think?  is he unknowingly doing this?  Can he predict things?  Maybe he’s an NWO underling?   One thing is for sure, this is bizarre!!  Enjoy and please giimmie your thoughts in the comment section below.