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AIRED: 02-25-2021

Adam joins me this evening to speak about the Aramaic Targum (translation) and other extra biblical manuscripts. For those that do not know, the Aramaic Targum is the oldest version of the Hebrew Torah found anywhere in print. It predates the Greek Septuagint by 200 years and dates back to the rebuilding of the Temple following the 70 year diaspora, when the Israelites were led into Babylonian captivity. It was over the course of these 70 years that they assimilated Aramaic as their predominant lexicon. It is in this language that the Targum was first written and made available to the Israelites themselves, when Hebrew became mostly a language of the scholarly class.


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In this show I read from the original Aramaic cargo to show how allusion to the word of the Lord has been removed from the later Greek and English translations of the holy Bible. In fact, 219 times within the first five books of the Pentateuch has reference to the word of Lord been removed...

AIRED: 03-16-2023

Kimberly joins me this evening to speak about our current efforts to assist the Kenyan orphanage which we support in building a school. Because the Kenyan government mandates that each child has to attend and pay for a government run junior high and high school, the orphanage has been spending increasing amounts of money just...

AIRED: 03-09-2023

Brett joins me again this evening to speak about the enmity which the enemy has planted within Eve. We continue to share the importance of understanding how her eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, resulted in her physical sexual seduction and corruption. It was because Cain was of the...

AIRED: 03-02-2023

Zack joins me again this evening to continue our series on prophecy in dreams and how it links to the biblical conspiratorial and last days timeline for unfolding here in America and across the world. Continuing the revelation shared in the last broadcast, Zack continues to share how martial law and civil war come to...

AIRED: 02-23-2023

In this show I speak about the upcoming Sacred Word Revealed Conference to held here in Atlanta this upcoming May 26 through the 28th, 2023. Speakers will include Gary Wayne, Dr. Joy Jeffries Pugh, Sheila and Jeremy Skiba, Zen and Justin Garcia, W. Kent Smith, Brett Thomas, and a few others. Please join us if...

AIRED: 02-16-2023