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Sep 17, 2014

www.8newsnow.com_2014-09-17_15-46-21By Kirsten Joyce, Morning Anchor, 8 News Now

LAS VEGAS – Seven years ago, Louis Valente and his wife moved to the valley. He ran a home inspection business. When the market crashed, however, he needed a new job.

“I was looking through the paper for a job, and it said, ‘Paycheck next week, become a taxi driver.’ That’s exactly what I did,” he said.

Valente says he would park his car and walk to work along 1st Avenue. He passed homeless people on the way, including Tommy Doucette.

Doucette was living out of his broken down truck. “The way he helped me. He didn’t have to at all,” Doucette said.

At first, Valente gave Doucette a few items.

“I’d come back one day, there is a bag of Gatorade and water. I’m like, ‘Alright, where did this come from?’ Look around, I didn’t see anybody,” Doucette said. “A few days pass, another goodie bag. I’m like, ‘What’s going on? Who is this?’ I caught him, because he stopped by again. He says, ‘You got those bags I left?’ ‘It was you?’ We hit it off right from the beginning.”

“Tommy is very proud. He didn’t want anything for nothing,” Valente said.

The two became friends. Doucette moved to Las Vegas in search of a job and ran out of savings. Valente helped him repair his vehicle.

“Really, what I did was give him a little direction, and he ran with it,” Louis said.

Valente drove Doucette to appointments to help him land a job. Two years later, Tommy is working and living in an apartment.

“He loaned me the money. I said, ‘I don’t take handouts.’ He said, ‘I don’t do handouts. It’s a hand-help.’ I’m like, ‘Now, you’re just reaching in and grabbing the heart you know,’” Doucette said.

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