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Oct 29, 2014

www.8newsnow.com_2014-10-29_12-40-20By Kirsten Joyce, Local news (Channel 8 Las Vegas)

LAS VEGAS – The haunted house in the parking lot of Southern Hills Hospital is not to be missed. Not only will visitors get a good scare, but the entrance fee goes to a good cause.

Money raised will benefit the Public Education Foundation, the Shade Tree Shelter and an orphanage in Taiwan.

Twenty-six-year-old Jacob Bailey is the brains and architect behind the haunted house. His volunteers include a special group of students from Molasky Junior High School.

Sixteen-year-old Andrew Hernandez says he loved building the attraction.

“It gives me a satisfaction to get up every morning and go to work,” he said.

Construction started eight months ago. Hernandez and 14-year-old Ezra Alvarez-Key did the majority of the work.

“We usually stayed up till 1 a.m., building eight foot walls, gelling them together, trying to stand them up. That was probably the hardest work,” he said.

They wanted to create a fun, affordable, two-thousand square foot haunted maze for families.

It is Bailey’s way of giving back for the help he received to put himself through college.

“To show the kids that volunteering can be a lot of fun, and we have been having a blast and lots of laughs,” he said. “There have been times when they’re working eight-hour days. For a 13-year-old kid, that’s a long time for manual labor. To see them recognized for this, that’s the best thing I could imagine.”

The haunted house is located on the corner of Sunset Road and Fort Apache Road in the parking lot of Southern Hills Hospital. The entrance fee is $7 for kids and $9 for adults. The haunted house is open through November 2.

8 News NOW is rewarding the teens from Molasky Junior High School, awarding them $800 as part of its weekly series Acts of Kindness.

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