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Nov 11, 2013

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After actor Ken Wahl fractured his vertebrae in after suffering a bad fall in 1992, animal therapy helped him with his recovery and continues to help him cope with his disability to this day.

Now, Wahl is hoping he can help veterans suffering from physical or mental traumas find the same solace he did.

“What really got me going on this was finding out about the incredible suicide rate” of veterans, Wahl told The Daily Caller in a phone interview, saying it was so high that he decided he had to do whatever he could. For Wahl, who remains disabled, that means tweeting up a storm on the subject, following and engaging with every veteran who follows him, and referring veterans to organizations that can hook them up with animals.

“When I got hurt, everything just came to a screeching halt… Your life is completely different in a split second,” Wahl explained. “And with me, and I know with a lot of these other guys, that feeling of not being useful anymore, of just being a burden to everyone, is the most horrible depressing thing.”

“Because that ability was taken away, you get a tendency of just feeling worthless, and the animal definitely helps that. I take care of the animals. It gives me a sense of purpose, as a replacement of things I used to be able to do before,” he said.