Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 13, 2014 Post

Following Internet Slowdown day on September 10, millions of people and businesses across the Web continue taking action against transforming the Internet from a level playing field to a tiered system of privileged access.

There are many threats to our free and open Internet access, and we have made great strides in preventing some of them, but we need to be louder than ever now. For those who might not be familiar with what is at stake please read the following link, which contains a key video as well:

Quite simply, the FCC (government) proposal to “allow” fast lanes is a red herring designed to scare the public into giving them authority over the Internet. This is the last group that should ever wield such power.

Please click the banner above or below to sign American Commitment’s petition to Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC —and tell him that the American people won’t stand for a federal takeover of the Internet. A.C. will send a copy of your petition to your Congressman too — just so that they know where their constituents stand in the fight to stop these crippling Internet regulations.