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Aug 29, 2014

By Bryon Cahill, Cape May County Herald

RIO GRANDE – Outside Cape May County Social Services Building on Route 9, people walking in (or out) Aug. 27 were surprised with a treat: free pizza and drinks. Why? Because it was Stephen Morley’s 11th birthday and he wanted to do something nice.

“I got the idea from watching YouTube videos,” Morley said. “I saw lots of people helping other people and changing their lives. I wanted to do something like that.”

Accompanied by his sister Laura and their father Pat, Stephen handed out individual slices to anyone who was hungry. They also offered bottled water and YooHoos.

“You guys want some pizza?” Morley asked everyone he saw in the parking lot. “It’s my birthday and I’m giving away free pizza!”
“You can have as many slices as you want,” his sister said. “There’s no rules!”

Everyone who approached Morley and his family seemed to enjoy the gesture. “I very much appreciate it, thank you,” said one man who took a slice. “You have a nice birthday, bud.”

Morley, a Lower Township resident who attends Ocean Academy, bought the food and drinks with his birthday money. “At his school, Stephen and his classmates raised money for a beagle rescue in Atlantic City by making and selling wristbands,” Pat Morley said, adding, “Everyone who comes here (Social Services) is in need.”

When asked how it felt to give food and drink to those in need, Stephen Morley replied, “It feels good.”

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